Why Chicago Should Host The NFL Draft

Why Chicago Should Host The NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is the future of professional football every spring, its the planting of seeds in the garden so you can harvest a great season in the fall. But even better its the start of the football season, yes, its the first event of the next season after the Super Bowl several months before. Its your preview of your teams upcoming season, the possible players and really getting in the nuts and bolts of who goes where and meeting the needs of your team.

Granted the NFL combine in Indianapolis is the really the first activity of the next season but no players have been assigned yet, that's simply evaulation of talent. The NFL Draft takes the next step of assigning that talent to your team, we find the market value of those players and the demand for certain positions and teams really finding their place in the league.

Now why should should Chicago host the NFL Draft and not Los Angeles? Simple we have an NFL franchise in our great city and LA does not.

But the Chicago Bears are not just another NFL team, this is the flagship of the NFL, going back to the Decatur Staleys and the leadership of "Papa Bear" Halas, the NFL's first superstar in Red Grange, the first blowout championship with a 70-0 win over the Washington Redskins. Other great players like Sid Luckman, Gale Sayers and legendary defenses with Dick Butkus. We have had players like "Sweetness", "Danimal" "The Punky QB" & "Sackman", they and a legendary "46" defense won Super Bowl XX and since then more great defenses and players.

Chicago is a sports town and we love our Bears, season tickets (actually personal seat licenses), are a generational thing, often handed down or inherited. We know our football here and have a legacy with the NFL few other cities can claim.

Now where should we have the NFL Draft? Well in its usual host city of New York City it in Radio City Music Hall, so here it should be in the Chicago Theater.

And why should we have the NFL Draft? Because we will support, love it and appreciate it. Yes possibly having a four day NFL Draft is a little long but so was the movie Ben Hur. And yes the NFL Draft changed from a Saturday and Sunday event a few years ago to now where it starts on Thursday evening in prime time and goes until Saturday (possible Sunday now with proposed changes), but its that popular. This year the NFL Draft had more viewers than the NBA playoffs, remember the NFL is by far the most pupoluar sport in America, and this is the pre kickoff to that season, so yes we will watch and we will go.

Chicago is a NFL town and a Bears town, we may be split when it comes to baseball but when the autumn comes with cool winds, we are all Bears fans. Thus the NFL should "Beardown" and let us host the NFL Draft like only an original NFL city can.

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