Why I Should Be The Bulls New 13th Player

I hear the Bulls are in need of a 13th player to fill their roster (and are currently considering NBA waived players such as Caron Butler, Jimmer Fredette & Danny Granger), and I want them to know I’m ready to join the team if they are in need of a 38 year old guard with a decent shot, bad knees and a tad overweight.

But like Jimmer Fredette I have great work ethic, just ask any of my co-workers of the last 15 years. I'm also a team player and come to work early and never leave early.

I’m a lifelong Bulls fan (though I have long also followed the Portland Trailblazers and Milwaukee Bucks), and a student of the game of basketball.

Okay so I didn’t play college basketball but I went to a basketball school, I’m a DePaul University alum and during my freshman year (1994-95), I played pickup ball with the team and knew guys on the team. I learned about basketball and baller life in that time. In the summer leading up to my freshman year I roomed on campus with a basketball player, it opened my eyes to plenty of things on and off the court.

I was also a DePaul Blue Demon season ticket holder in both the 2003-04 (the last year DePaul made the NCAA tournament) and again in 2005-06, so I've seen lots of games, both good & bad.

And okay I didn’t play high school basketball either but played a lot of pickup games and again went to a good basketball high school (Brother Rice), so I know the game and how it’s played. I even went to basketball camp at Brother Rice as an incoming freshman and also as a seventh grader at De La Salle Academy.

I know what a pick and roll is and can identify a team playing “High low” and I know every infraction in the book.

I'm a seasoned pickup player and even to this day in good weather at least once a week I play at various courts on the mean streets of Northeastern Will County, so at such tough places as Mokena, New Lenox & Lockport, you can find me honing my skills and ruling the court.

Though the spring & summer of 2007 (the last full year I lived in Chicago), I was playing basketball early every Saturday morning at the Lincoln Park courts just south of Lincoln Park Zoo. It was truly the experience of a lifetime, just about everyone you could imagine showed up there, I played ball with two cats who were no doubt "hustlers" playing for money (like in the 1992 movie "White Men Can't Jump"), yet we just played pick up ball and no currency exchanged hands. You know something is up when one dude shows up in jeans and takes smoke breaks and still plays at a high level. One day a bum came on a bike with his basketball in the bike's basket and was wearing a winter coat in June but dude could play. Even one day an old man from Kentucky who was visiting his daughter came and we did shoot around for over an hour. I played on Memorial Day morning with a couple of teenage ballers who definitely had a step on me and I also had a few personal friends come to court and we hooped it up. And then in mid August I tore my MCL while playing wiffle ball at work and that ended the summer of hoops.

And prior to that I played my share of ball in Southern Illinois from 1998-2001 when I used to spend a lot of time with my dad downstate (until I tore my meniscus playing social club football in Lincoln Park one Sunday), we had a court on my dad's property and I played with several of his friends children on some other private courts. There nothing like playing basketball on gravel driveway in Southern Illinois heat.

So yeah my basketball resume is interesting but there's a good reason I work in a office, still if the Bulls want someone a little different, I can sit on the edge of the bench as well as anyone.

And those pictures below, a before and after, first during my DePaul days visiting downstate and then next is me today, still a huge basketball fan (literally), and ready to play.
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