O.P.P.; Other Peoples Privacy

O.P.P.; Other Peoples Privacy

I’m down with O.P.P., no not the legendary Naughty By Nature hip hop song from 1991,
which was the anthem of infidelity (I’m a married man), but I’m talking about respecting “other people’s privacy “
and not getting in the personal business which is the sexual saga of both
General David Patraeus & Kevin Clash the handler and voice of Sesame Street’s Elmo character.

I understand that Kevin Clash may have broken the law and committed
statutory rape (or as people in my old south side
neighborhood say “15 gets you 20”), and that General Petraeus
may have risked National security with his affair with his biographer.

But does this have to splashed over the news everywhere when there are
people on the east coast still without power, when children are still
being shot in my old south side neighborhood?

Yeah I know sex sells and these are salacious stories (especially with
the General, it’s getting really weird and may have more
Implications and people involved), but what does that have to do with the rest of us?
I mean if someone at your job was unfaithful or slept with a minor (or
both), that’s on them right?

Sure there are personal legal ramifications (arrests, being labeled a
sex offender, divorce, etc), but should it be publicized, especially
in Kevin Clash’s case where it’s simply allegations at this point?

And in the case of General David Patraeus, members of Congress are up in
arms of why weren’t they notified sooner and they want a full
investigation, seriously don’t we have a fiscal cliff to keep from
falling off of? Aren’t there more pressing matters and laws to pass
before the end of this lame duck session?

It just seems we have a TMZ attitude both as media and as a society
where everything is out and needs to be blasted, whether true or not,
whether it’s truly our business or not.

I treasure my privacy, I don’t like to have my business in the street
(or on Facebook for that matter), I’m careful of who I talk to and
what I say (and post in social media), for I’ve had personal and yes
intimate issues about me become gossip (among my friends/classmates),
in my younger years. It’s not cool and truly no one’s business except
mine and the person I’m with.

I realize there is military code and infidelity is against the rules for enlisted military,
but from what I understand General Petraeus wasn’t under that rule.
Yes he’s a dirty dog for cheating on his wife but should we vilify
everyone who is out creeping on their spouse? It’s said in the eighth
chapter of the Gospel of John, verse seven, “let he who is without
sin, throw the first stone”.

It’s a Puritan attitude that seems misguided at best and more like an
old nosy neighbor from down the street or a hypocritical bully who
needs to kick people while they are down to feel better about

These issues need to play out in the courts and more importantly in
people’s personal lives. All the probing and reporting like it’s the
end of the world sure doesn’t seem like a democracy to me.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t stand behind either of these men, they
allegedly had their fun and now they must own up to their actions. But
that’s personal business and needs to be handled between them, loved
Ones, their respected employer and any law enforcement or courts.

I just don’t think it should be judged in the court of public opinion
and that it overrides more pressing news such as the economic
situation we are in and the continued violence in many urban areas.

To quote the hip hop classic “That’s right I’m down with O.P.P., yeah you know me“,

well that’s how General Patraeus got in this situation.


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