Its About Time

Its About Time

Does the drama ever end, does the embarrassment ever stop and can Jesse Jackson Jr. be a man and step forward, admit his guilt, ask for forgiveness and spare us this ongoing saga.

There are reality shows on cable that wish they had this kind of script.

34th alderwoman Carrie Austin (my old ward), calls Jesse Jr. a buzzard. That’s an insult to all flesh and carcass eating fowl. But her candor is always welcome (remember 40 acres & a Lexus?), and is surprisingly rare on this egregious topic.

What he is a dirty old egg sucking dog to quote Johnny Cash. But if he’s not true to his wife Sandi, why would he be loyal or honorable to the people of the 2nd district?

I’m a married man and have been married long enough to know you shouldn’t hide things from your wife because one she will find out and when she does it’s that much worse.

And now we find out about a possible plea deal a few days after the election? There should be no deal, him making deals is how he got in the spot. Now I don’t wish the brotha any ill health (and at this point it’s the least of his concerns with a scorned wife at home), but maybe its time to just come clean, step down and move forward.

If Rep. Gabby Giffords of Arizona can step down graciously after what she’s been through then this jive turkey can step aside given he’s likely to be roasted and stuffed in the near future.

Maybe it is better he’s in Mayo clinic seven hours away because it would be as hot as my mother in laws oven on Thanksgiving morning for him otherwise if he were home, both in the 2nd district and his house.

I think any sympathy anyone had for him has shifted to his long suffering wife Sandi and say what you will about her but being having to deal with infidelity is hell on earth and it magnifies when you have to do it in the public eye. Just ask Hilary Rodham Clinton.

But to combine the financial untruthfulness, backroom dealings, health issues and then you can’t even keep it in your pants is just above and beyond cruel and unusual. There isn’t a vow this creep hasn’t broken and Sandi is justified in walking away from him as well as few backhanded slaps.

Something is very wrong with our political system to let this situation get this far and that our media gives him such a pass. Yes they do talk about this but not with the fury and fervor that it deserves, this idiot has been on the lam for five months and not even the decency to make one appearance and explain himself.

I smell the guilt and misdoings all the way in Will County in the 3rd Coongressional district.

It reeks of the underhanded business his father and brothers made a fortune off of and though Jesse Jr. should lose everything over this (most of us regular guys would be ruined for a fraction of these indiscretions), the fact is those who have helped cover this up or passed a blind eye share in the guilt.

If Derrick Smith can be thrown out of the Illinois House for taking a$ 7,000 bribe then this clown should be tossed for if nothing else, not showing up and giving lame excuses for it.

Think about it, how many of us could remain on leave this long with such little explanation?

And then do dirt on top of it?

They say what you do in the dark comes out in the light, well someone needs to put a spotlight on this fool, like the kind they have in the penitentiary.

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