Darth Vader's Car Has Returned

Darth Vader's Car Has Returned

As stated yesterday in Edmund’s Inside Line, Buick is looking to bring back the legendary Grand National, GNX & T Type sports cars from the 1984-87. Back then Motor Trend referred to the cars at Darth Vader’s car because the Grand National and high powered, low production GNX were all black. Blacked out grill, black wheel trim and moldings on the doors and rocker panels. The T Type was the entry level (also available as an option package on the LeSabre and Electra), but still had performance but not as hard (or dark), of a look.

The new muscle cars are rumored to be rear wheel drive based off of the new Cadillac ATS sedan.

Yes the new Grand National would have four doors, unlike the original coupe but then like now, the car is a souped up Regal and back then Regals were two doors and now they are four doors.

But the performance will allegedly be in force (and be with you), with possible new twin turbocharged 3.6 liter V6 and a new LT1 V8 for the top of the line GNX.

Personally having just seen a Cadillac ATS (and listening to the review on Motorweek’s podcast), I was thinking of how General Motors could put that power and perfomance into another like sized GM car (and I wasn’t thinking Grand National), or more personally how I could afford a Cadillac.

Now it’s been 25 years since the last Grand National and limited release GNX have been assembled and sold and at that time the GNX was the fastest production car you could buy.

I doubt that would happen in 2015 when the cars are said to be for sale because of so much horsepower available these days, in Chevrolet Camaros and Corvettes alone.

I wouldn’t think these cars would be cheap either, back in the mid 80’s these cars were stickered at nearly $ 20,000 and people were paying well over that due to the demand. To this day a decent 1986 Grand National is well over $ 15,000 and if you can find one of the 547 GNX’s made in 1987 it can be well over $ 50,000.

But the original Grand Nationals were a unique and true muscle car of its day, yes its engine was a 3.8 turbocharged engine that was made by McLaren but that jet sound when you took off was unique, thrilling & powerful. Those engines initially made 200 horsepower but by the 1987 GNX it was well over 300 horsepower and the only things close to them were Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z’s and Chevrolet Corvettes, both which ran small block 350 V8 engines at the time.

It used to be said (during the muscle car heyday of the 1060's & 70's), that Buick’s were “fast with class”, looks like those happy days are here again.

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