The NFL; Too Much of a Good Thing?

The NFL; Too Much of a Good Thing?

This past weekend was the NFL draft and granted I’ma  hardcore football guy, been a Bears fan all of my life and also cheer for the Indianapolis Colts (yeah I’ll be conflicted on September 9th, but I’m a Bears fan first), but this past NFL draft felt a little empty.

I used to be a big fan of the draft, several years ago when it was all day Saturday & Sunday. In my single days, I’d go with a buddy to a bar and watch it (and eat and drink), and it was great sport.

And even three years ago (I was engaged then), I watched it at home (and made my own food and my then fiancé, now wife, left me alone for the day), and it was a must see event.

Now with the draft being Thursday & Friday night and Saturday through the day it’s lost its luster. It’s not just any 'ol primetime show you can cram into a few hours.  The NBA can do their draft Thursday nights because its only 2 round with a total of 55 picks or so, the NFL has 7 rounds and 253 picks to get through not to mention that there was no suspense, we knew who the top 2 picks would be and then there was a flurry of trades over the next hour and it was a free for all.

I was honestly sleeping in my chair by the time the Bears made their pick at # 19 and it wasn’t 9 P.M. yet.

The NFL is trying to clean up its game and just pushing to be more and more in our face, just year around from the season itself, to the playoffs, Super Bowl, Scouting Combine etc, it’s always on.

Their network, NFL Network, is by far the best place to get NFL news, it’s a smooth and refined network that isn’t as outwardly a homer like some of the other large sports channels. And they guys are funny without being campy or annoying; it’s a nice balance of sports, facts and fun.

But it’s a little much.

It’s like the old adage if Christmas were everyday it wouldn’t be special. Man you’d be sick of that tree and those songs. I’d go fa-la-la upside your head if I had to hear that 365 days a year.

I know here in Chicago the Bears are not just another NFL team, they are the charter franchise and more of a religion than just a pro team. Still it’s nice to get away from them for a little while and have Bulls, Sox, Cubs, Blackhawks and downtime.

And I know the NFL is trying to address its injury issues (concussions in particular), but it’s still big business and run pretty coldly, not to mention the tickets, apparel and other merchandise are so expensive. Its pricing itself out of the reach of the casual fan, yet they keep feeding us more info and offering new ways to follow the league and your team and at some point it needs to be enough.

We live in a non stop society with smartphones, tablets and so much technology that we are never out of the loop but sometimes it needs to stop to prevent smothering and saturation.

Hopefully the NFL promotion machine will be like how they want the players to be, to know their limitations.

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