Reel the tape back. It's 1991, and I am 10 years old. My goal in life at this particular point is to become a "Fly Girl" on the hit T.V. Show In Living Color. No joke. I looked up to those girls so much so that I dressed like them, acted like them and even danced like them. Why? Well, because "The Fly Girls" were beautiful, cool and independent. The Fly Girls were so on trend with their look, and so on point with their dance moves that it was electrifying! To this day, I still want to be a "Fly Girl."

So, here I sit, 31 years of age and not much has changed. Well, not much other than the fact that I have felt the ground so many times chasing so many dreams that I am no longer afraid of falling or failing. When I get an idea or goal set in my mind nothing will stand in my way from achieving it. I will never be able to be a "Fly Girl" sad to say, but if there were modern day "Fly Girls" they would be the Video Vixens, Video Honeys and Eye Candy girls that live from within one world, music videos. I put it on my "bucket list" long ago to become the woman I had always dreamt of being, a Video Vixen. I am now hard pressed, despite all of the odds, to make my dream come true. Oh, don't worry there are a lot of things standing in my way. I am going to keep you posted along my journey via this blog. I am excited that I will have you along with me to watch this dream or disaster unfold. My name is Eliza Siep and here is my blog, Life of a Video Vixen.

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    Eliza Siep

    I am a dork. Check out the "About" page on Life of a Video Vixen and this fact about me will be solidified. Trust me. Total geek.

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