Dear Eliza, I Want to be a Video Vixen XO Beautiful Girls All Around the World

Dear Eliza, I Want to be a Video Vixen XO Beautiful Girls All Around the World
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I've literally been afraid to check my email because of how many ladies have contacted me about being in music videos. It's very flattering that anyone would write to me let alone think of me as a resource for knowledge in the industry. It's an honor to have a voice in this day and age in any compactly. That being said we need to start from the bottom and help you reach your dreams of being a Video Vixen together!
Almost ever email says the same thing, "I want to start doing music videos. Do you have any tips on how I can start?" Yes, but I would love it if you guys would send me more specific questions. It would help me to help you!
To answer that question, please figure out what kind of modeling you are really suited for. Please also consider what you will and won't do as a model and what you are comfortable with. Make a list of things that you will never do as a model and things that you are willing to try. I say this only because I recently had to do this myself. The lines are blurred in urban modeling and I will not go nude, it's just my thing. I'm not judging. Please remember that one day you might have kids or you might date someone that would not want everyone to know what you look like in the buff. I have said it once and I'll say it again, things that end up on the Internet are in pen, not pencil..... You can't erase pictures. Period.
I also won't say or mouth racial slurs in music videos. It's just something that I won't do. It's things like that that should be on your list. Your list will look different than mine but its important none the less. PLEASE before you go into modeling clean up your social media profiles. Think long term here. If you have things on your profile that could hinder you getting a job than take it down. That's just life 101. If its illegal or sheds you in a bad light it's bogus. DO NOT air all of your dirty laundry about relationships, you look crazy! Clean up your language on your profiles. I have never heard of anyone getting a job because they sound hard on twitter. I am only telling you all of these things because I have made all of those mistakes. I'm not casting stones, I'm just telling you what not to do.
After that is taken care of you need to figure out what kind of modeling is right for you. Just because you want to be in music videos does not mean that it's right for you. You might be good for high fashion, plus size, acting etc. The factors that should decide if you are right for Urban, Hip Hop and Music Video modeling are as follows; tall but not too tall. I am 5'81/2 and am almost to tall for it. You can be in videos if your 6' but you will probably be taller than the artists. Keep that in mind. It's good to be fit looking or thick. Too thin or too thick might work against you but, you can still get some work. It's great to be able to dance but you don't havvvvvve to. Tattoos, piercing and edgy hair actually can work for you. None of those things will make or break you. Over 18 years of age is preferred. If you are under 18 be honest and professional while going to agencies and to castings. Your going to need a guardian if you are under 18. I know it seems lame but its just the way that it is. Act like a pro and do the right thing.
Before you get your first set of pictures to send out you need to get your look together. This is one of my favorite parts of this type of modeling. Fine true what you want your look to say about you. You are going to need something to help you to stand out. Do not go over the top. I have seen a lot of girls that are so pretty that go wayyyyy over the top and you can't even tell how beautiful they are because all of that trash is in the way. I use makeup, clothes and hair pieces to make myself stand out. Everything that I do is temporary so that I have the ability to play multiple roles in the industry. Get your makeup, hair and nail game on point. These pictures have to last you for awhile so don't change your look all of the time. Create a signature look. It will pay off. I will blog soon about pictures. Take care of those things first though. I hope that I helped!

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