Shooting of the Music Video for "Set it Off" by Zaena! Zaena is not just Gold, she is Platinum!

By Eliza Siep
Instagram: elizasiep

Zaena, where too start? How about I start with a physically stunning, multitalented, singer, songwriter, euntreprnuer out of Chicago, whom just so happens to be dope as hell on top of it! Dropping her album this month featuring the two singles, "Set it Off" and, "It's not Like" you are bound to be into it! Lemme rephrase that, you will absolutely love it! Trust me on this one. On top of being a hit maker Zaena is also in the process of starting her own company called, "I Create Ent."

To this day working with Zaena and her crew on the music video shoot for, "Set it Off" has been my favorite project to date. What can I say, we just clicked! Granted, I did have to take the Metra at the crack of dawn to the middle of, I don't even know where, to get there but, eh.... who cares, I took one for the team and it paid off. I will post the video as soon as it drops. Directed by the ever talented, Jeremy Tremp, whom was a pleasure to work with as well. I can't wait to see it myself! That is one of the hardest parts about doing videos is waiting for them to come out!

Fun Life of a Video Vixen Fact: I actually got the idea for this blog on the set of shooting the video! The rapper featured on the track, Vicious, actually named the blog when I asked for help. I mean, it kind of goes with the whole theme to have a rapper name the blog right?! Ha! Hey, it was a good name and the first thing that he spit out so I was happy.

Check out Zaena here:


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