Why Hip Hop? Why Me? Part 2

"Let's face it, the very first Hip Hop/Rap Video Vixen was Blondie! Rapture, the song by the band Blondie is the first music video on MTV in 1981 to have Rap and Hip Hop in it. This fact makes Debbie Harry the first Video Vixen in history! An impossible act to follow if you ask me." Eliza Siep

Why did I choose rap, hip hop and R&B to love? I guess I figure that I didn't choose the music, I think that it chose me. Not to sound lame, but its true. I have always loved all kinds of music. It's odd really when you think about how much music and genres I really love. I was born the same year that MTV launched. I attribute my love for music in part to this fact and in part to having parents that are just that cool. For the record my favorite song is, "Love Song" by The Cure. My favorite artist of all time is, Siouxsie and the Banshees. Neither of those artists scream hood rat to me. I just wanted to give you an idea of where I was coming from. When it comes to rap my favorite artist is Lil Wayne, he's just to clever to ignore. My favorite hip hop/ R&B/ rapish artist as of right now would have to be The Weeknd. I have been all over The Weeknd for a few months too many at this current moment. The first rap video I ever recall seeing was Snoop Dog, "Gin and Juice." I had to sneak around to watch it. My parents raised me to be color blind and to appreciate art but, I know that they always wanted the best for me. I would have been around 13 or 14 years old when that video came out and I am sure that I would have gotten in trouble if they knew I was watching it. Period. My parents raised me on pure unadulterated pop music, I think they kept it that way to keep my mind out of the gutter. Call it sheltering, I call it good parenting. Anyway you look at it I still eat up a solid pop song with a spoon till this day. The Swedish pop star Robyn is my favorite pop artist. Last year, the only thing that I truly listened to non stop was the Swedish artist Fever Ray. My favorite artists or songs always tend to make me feel happy and sad at the same time. What can I say? I am a sucker for my heart strings being pulled. I love rap and hip hop because the beats make happy although the lyrics might make me a bit sad or introspective. There are happy songs that live within these genres, I'm sure of it. When you find one, send it to me. Ha!

When it comes to being a Video Vixen a Hip Hop Honey or Eye Candy why wouldn't I want to be an extension of some of my favorite artists vision for their music? I am a music fanatic thru and thru. What a compliment to be chosen to complete the visual aspect of an artists music! If I could be in any artists video as of right now, Kayne West. I have thought long and hard about this and he is my chosen artist as my ultimate goal. Here is a list of reasons why; Amazing talent and career, he creates incredibly untouchable music, I love his attitude and work ethic (Yup, you read that right. I actually like his public persona. That is all I really have to base this off of being that I do not know him personally.) Kayne is a Chicago boy and it would be nice to show the Chi some love. Last but not least, I want to do a Kayne West video well, because I am Caucasian. A blonde haired, blue eyed, pale skinned white girl. I want to show the world and Kayne that there are people in this world that are, and have always been color blind. Lets face it, when it comes to Rap music videos, I am the minority as far as the ethnicity that would typically be booked. I cannot take back the past, I can only be a part of a color blind future where every person starts off with an A+ in class, it is up to each person if they keep that grade there or let it slip. Keep the A+ people in your life, ignore the rest.

All of that being said brings me to my next question. Why should I be a Video Vixen with all of the odds against me?

I am a natural born performer, I love the camera, I love the art of modeling and being a part of other people's art. I have a unique look and most importantly, I love music. I dance to music if people are looking or not because I literally cannot help myself. I am passionate about working in the industry, I am a hard worker and I just want to. Straight up, I have to keep doing this, for me.

Why should I not be a Video Vixen?

Social stigma towards females that are in the industry, I want to stick to my guns and keep it classy, that might be hard at times, you don't make a lot of money, I am 31 years old (granted I don't look it but, I am so I am a little old to be starting a career that is dependent on looks.) I am, as stated earlier I am Caucasian. I am not sure what the stats are but, typically Latina, Black, Asian or mixed girls are in Rap/Hip Hop videos. That being said I have seen a shift as of late. A few white girls have popped up in videos over the last 31 years. Let's face it, the very first Hip Hop/Rap Video Vixen was Blondie! Rapture, the song by the band Blondie is the first music video on MTV in 1981 to have Rap and Hip Hop in it. This fact makes Debbie Harry the first Video Vixen in history! An impossible act to follow if you ask me.

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