Video Vixen Questions and Answers! How to Become a Video Vixen.

Hey guys! First off, I would like to thank everyone for checking out the blog! It really means a lot to me, seriously. The second thing I want to let you know is how much I appreciate all of the emails of questions, love and support. Thank you thank you thank you.

This blog goes out to a few of the beautiful ladies that have taken the time to write me with questions. I hope that my answers can lead you on the right path!

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Hi my name is Ashley and I'm extremely interested in becoming a video vixen I've always wanted to model cuz I love the beauty in it but as I got older my body went from runway type to more of a vixen with a little less booty I really want to get into this and was wondering if u have any words of advice or wisdom
Thank you for taking the time to read my email Sincerely Ashley

Answer: The best piece of advice I can give is just show up! Show up on all of the sites with castings. Show up to castings. Show up to shoots. Show up on time and on point with no diva attitude. Most importantly, show up for yourself, your dreams and your passions. Trust your instincts, don't compromise your morals. Be yourself and dance like no one is watching!!! Keep me posted on all of the amazing things that are to come.

Hi, my name is Chiana. Congratulations on becoming a video vixen, you are fulfilling my dream career. I really want to become a video vixen every since I was 14. I know people bug you all the time and you are very busy, but if you could give me some advice and guide me on my path to success I would be more than happy. You have to start somewhere right? I'm sorry if I'm bugging you. But thanks and congratulations again.

Answer: Ok, first off girl you would never bother me! It's all gooooood. The second thing is I am challenging you to book one photo shoot in the next month. Find a photog in your area on or, check with the local school with a photography program. See if you can get a talented student to help you get a few pictures together so that you can start to shop yourself as a branded video vixen! You are going to have a hard time getting work if you do not cross all of your T's and dot your i's. Lets take this journey together!!! You have this one girl.
P.S. Figure out what the best part of your face is and the best part of your body is. Showcase those features in your pictures. This will give you a unique edge! Take a friend or parent with you to the shoot. There are some creeps out there. Bogus.

Hi is this Eliza?
your the one that wrote "How do you become a Video Vixen"? i was reading what you had wrote,
& it's similar to what i said, because i been watching Music Videos since i was 7, 8 yrs. music is life
of course & i love to dance too. i just got a question, where did you go to get recruited or who do
you work with because, ... i want to be one! lol like, it's dope to me & i just been talking to people
to get bookings. if you can just help me out or tell me what i should do, email me back. i'd love to
know how this whole thing works. & by the way, my names Princess. Thank You.

Answer: Hey!!! The truth is that I have had a lot of support from friends and nudging from them but, this has been a one man show. I do all of the work myself! That being said, I am going to be looking at some of the offers that I have gotten to be represented because this is harder than it looks. Ha! If you are booking work on your own don't stop what you are doing! Keep up the good work. That is a good sign for good things to come! XO


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