Steve Harvey, Tyra Banks and Eliza Siep Equals Good T.V.

You read the tidal right. So today I am going to be modeling on Steve Harvey's talk show and Tyra banks in going to be judging my modeling skills. No pressure. Ha!

Just make sure you tune in today 10/17 @2PMC on NBC!

Check out the website for local listings:

Two weeks into my modeling career I received a random email from a producer of the Steve Harvey show asking for a submission for a modeling show that he was doing here in Chicago. I submitted, jumped though hoops, and landed a spot on the show modeling with two other ladies! Unfreakinbelivable.
I had a few days to prep for the show and scrambled to pull it together. Nails, spray tan, outfits and all of the things that I do to prepare to bring my A game. I even bleached and cut my hair! Duh.

The night before the show taped I went shopping and then to dinner with a pro athlete. (No names on purpose. Ha!) At dinner I said one of the most real things that I have ever said. I asked him if he remembered "the moment." "The moment" where he knew that his life would change forever. (The moment where you were discovered, taken seriously and moved on to the next level. The next level that lived in dreams until the moment happened.) He said, "yes." I said, "Well, this is my moment." That exchange is kind of the reason that I wanted to hang out with this particular person that night. I knew that he would know how I felt.

The show went well, really, really well. I had probably one of my favorite days in history at the Steve Harvey show. The entire show staff, NBC, the other models, Steve Harvey, Tyra banks and everyone involved were just incredible. That show was the moment unfolding right in front of me. You are going to have to watch the show to see how I looked, how I did, and what happened. I hope to be able to get a YouTube copy of the show to put up on the blog.

Was I nervous? It's not really my style to get all that nervous. I am fortunate that I had my best friend there and the support of my family and friends behind me. I am a fortunate woman. At the end of the day, I figured what was the worst that could happen? I could fall on the runway. Well, it wouldn't be the first time I would have publicly fallen before. I didn't fall, I gave it my all. The best part is the last thought that went through my mind before I hit the stage was Mac and Cheese, no joke. So weird.

The show was my moment. I hope that I can snag an agent because of the show but, who knows. I need to dream as big as possible these days. In closing here is the letter that I sent off to Tyra Banks, whom I loved btw.


I am sending this email on a hope and a prayer that it might one day reach you. My name is Eliza Siep, we met at the Steve Harvey show. I am the blonde short haired girl with personality for days. I am going to try and keep this short and sweet because I know that you are a very busy person.

I know that you probably get email on top of email about how instrumental you have been in people's lives, I wanted to send you one more, because you can never hear it enough. Hearing that you are beautiful on the outside for years is amazing, and you are a stunner, but more importantly you're beautiful on the inside. For me to hear from you that I am beautiful, sexy and have pretty eyes is moving and surreal to say the least. You, and the show without even knowing it probably handed me the key yesterday to a career that I could only dream of. I promise you that if the show was the key to success for me that I will not only open the door, but run through it. I will also promise you that I will always keep you in the back of my mind and remember to be beautiful on the inside before all else. The truth is that I love doing music videos and more urban style modeling, once again, you have been an inspiration for me doing me by trying to break molds while keeping it classy. Who knows, maybe after the show airs I will get that call from an Atlanta or Chicago agency and really be able to take this portion of the industry by storm! I never stop dreaming. Thank you for the key. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation. Thank you for being you.

Eliza Siep

Eliza Siep
Instagram: elizasiep


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