My First Steps. It isn't Called Show Friends, it's Called Show Business.

So, now that we have all of the introducing of myself, my blog and my views on being a Video Vixen out in the air via the last few blogs, lets get into the good stuff. I received this email yesterday @

"Hey my dream was always to become a video vixen and I've recently read your blog and I was wondering what are some of the best ways to get started?"

Let's dive right in kids. This blog might make the process of being a Video Vixen seem easy or difficult depending on how you look at it. Please keep in mind while reading this that this is just my experience. I have had a lot of auditions for various entertainment jobs prior to starting to delve into music videos. I love the camera and music to the core of my soul. I am a natural born people person, I bring that energy into ever audition. If you are shy, afraid of your body or have no personality to serve up..... Please turn around and run for the hills. Looks can only get you so far. Confidence, talent and personality will take you so far you will be amazed.

When I decided to do music videos it was kind of a laughable dream to me. I had no idea where to start. No clue in fact, and no connections from within the hip hop/ rap world. I have had a ModelMayhem site for awhile but, it really has gone unused. If you do not have a ModelMayhem site, get one. You can find auditions there as well as local photogs to help you get you're pictures ready to go to battle!

First things first, get some pictures of yourself. You will need full body shots and head shots. I have some pictures of myself with all of my war paint on and I have pictures of myself almost bare faced. I would suggest getting as many photo shoots in as possible. Why? You get camera experience, you get to see how you look on camera, you learn what to do and what not to do, you also make connections. With a variety of photos to choose from, depending on the jobs that you are trying to book you will have the right photo at the right time to get you an audition in the fist place. Keep it classy friends. Photos last forever. Never forget that.

You can meet local photogs, designers, hair and makeup people all that are willing to work for free via ModelMayhem. Suggestion, more like a demand, take someone that you trust with you to meet up with photographers or anyone else for that matter. Do not trust anyone in this biz ever. It's not called show friends, it's called show business. If someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable, LEAVE!!! Go into every job or shoot knowing what your willing to do and what your not willing to do. Stick to your guns.

So, now you have pics. Now it's time to hit the Internet 24/7 like it's your job. Look for auditions and open calls non stop. My fave spot is Craigslist. 99.9% of the posts on there are scams or creepy people that want to take advantage of others but, there are also legit open calls and castings posted on there as well! I scan and read any audition in the Gigs section under Talent that I think might apply to me. I look for music video, eye candy, video vixen etc. auditions. You send the pictures that you took to look professional and experienced. I add my Facebook address as well and that's it! I do not give the ad posts from any website to much info until I know that it is a legit job. A legit job might ask for more info from within the post and you can give a bit more info but, do not give them your address or anything that would provide for stalker material.

You can reply to 100 ads and get no auditions. You can reply to one ad and get an audition within 5 mins. That's just how it goes. I will delve more into auditioning soon because it is so important but, for now I am going to end. I gave you the key to getting my very first Video Vixen roll, willingness, ModelMayhem, pictures and answering ads and posts. That's it! Well, that's it for now.

Eliza Siep
Instagram: elizasiep


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