How do you become a Video Vixen? Part 1

Hello! My name is Eliza Siep. As of right now I am sitting here listening to The Weeknd in deep contemplation as to how I am going to break it to my mother that I want to be a Video Vixen. Seriously, how do you tell your mother that you want to be an urban model, a hip hop honey or eye candy professionally? Ha! I guess I should just call her and rip it off like a Band Aid.

If you haven't already, you should check out the "About" page that lives on this blog. It might give you a little bit of a better idea of where I'm coming from. The truth is that for the past month I have taken on becoming my own modeling agent. That within itself if not all that unusual, it's the type of model that I am trying to become that actually makes this story rather juicy. I am breaking into one of the smallest and hardest parts of modeling that pays no mind to the idea of the stereo typical model ideal. Oddly enough, I have actually had a great response thus far and have been able to tick a few things off of my "Bucket List" as a result. Well, that was great and all but, now I want bigger and I want better. Not just for me, but for Video Vixens as a whole. My plan as of right now is to flip this part of the industry on its head, to break the mold from the norm. Why? Because I want to, and I know that I can. The best part is that I can do it with class and dignity while still being able to look at the industry as a business and myself as a brand.

I know what the world as a whole probably thinks of when they think of Video Vixens. I purposely did not google the word while writing this blog because I don't care what the world says about it. I am here to tell you how I see the business of being a Video Vixen, and why I want to be one.

So what is a Video Vixen to me?
A beautiful model or actress that can dance but, is probably not formally trained that has been hired for a musical artist to appear in their music video. They are hired to help to sell an image or the brand of a client. In my eyes being in a music video should simulate the dream or a vision of every hip hop, rap and R&B artist. They rent cars, Jewlery, homes and clothes for the day or days of the shoot, along with beautiful ladies. The artist does all of that work to portray an image and to sell themselves as a brand. That being said, some videos are shot very true to life using the artists. real cars, real Jewlery, their real homes and real life girlfriends or friends. Music videos are not always a Hollywood set. If a Video Vixen does her job correctly, she will make the artist look amazing just by simply helping to sell a product as the typical model would help a designer to sell their clothes by wearing them. Being in videos, just like typical modeling is anything but easy. Picture 14 hour days of shooting doing the same thing over and over again. Shooting is literally exhausting. Oh, and don't forget you have to stay severely good looking the entire time. Sounds like fun right? Ha!

I learned the ropes from the other side of the camera doing hair, makeup and wardrobe for videos and photo shoots for many years now. You would think that coming into the modeling industry my head full of knowledge would detour me. It hasn't in the slightest. My next blog, "Why Hip Hop? Why me?" Will delve more into why I want to be a Video Vixen and why I love music so very much. The rest of the blogs are going to be about how I have gotten where I have and how i am getting where I'm going.

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