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Video Vixen Questions and Answers! How to Become a Video Vixen.

Hey guys! First off, I would like to thank everyone for checking out the blog! It really means a lot to me, seriously. The second thing I want to let you know is how much I appreciate all of the emails of questions, love and support. Thank you thank you thank you. This blog goes... Read more »

My Letter to The Weeknd. Clever hustle.

Dear Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd), Hello my name is Eliza Siep! I was kind of thinking that maybe I would introduce myself being that I really want to work with you and be in one of your music videos. See, I am kind of a dreamer, except for the fact that I like to dream... Read more »

My First Music Video Shoot with Chicago Rapper GLC! Unleash the Bats.

How did I land my first music video? Luck. Then again luck only favors the prepared. I answered a post on ModelMayhem. Yup, that was it! I received a reply quickly and proceeded to get on the phone with a lovely lady whom was booking for the video. When she told me that there were... Read more »

Steve Harvey, Tyra Banks and Eliza Siep Equals Good T.V.

You read the tidal right. So today I am going to be modeling on Steve Harvey’s talk show and Tyra banks in going to be judging my modeling skills. No pressure. Ha! Just make sure you tune in today 10/17 @2PMC on NBC! Check out the website for local listings: Two weeks into my... Read more »

My First Steps. It isn't Called Show Friends, it's Called Show Business.

So, now that we have all of the introducing of myself, my blog and my views on being a Video Vixen out in the air via the last few blogs, lets get into the good stuff. I received this email yesterday @ “Hey my dream was always to become a video vixen and I’ve... Read more »

Why Hip Hop? Why Me? Part 2

“Let’s face it, the very first Hip Hop/Rap Video Vixen was Blondie! Rapture, the song by the band Blondie is the first music video on MTV in 1981 to have Rap and Hip Hop in it. This fact makes Debbie Harry the first Video Vixen in history! An impossible act to follow if you ask... Read more »

How do you become a Video Vixen? Part 1

Hello! My name is Eliza Siep. As of right now I am sitting here listening to The Weeknd in deep contemplation as to how I am going to break it to my mother that I want to be a Video Vixen. Seriously, how do you tell your mother that you want to be an urban... Read more »
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