TGIF Stuff

TGIF Stuff

Most of you know that I'm in New York right now feeling smug about having run around the city with my fabulous friends last night (tapas at Tia Pol followed by cocktails and beignets at Henry Public) and even more smug about the big LCD Soundsystem concert tomorrow.

Speaking of the LCD concert- I learned last night that there is a dress code!  Thank goodness for friends who know what's up, because I had no idea.  I verified this morning on the LCD blog that the band is requesting concert-goers to dress in either all black, all white or black and white.

I was already planning black jeans and a black jacket. I guess I'll go find something white to put on under the jacket.  I am in NYC after all and a little shopping never hurt anyone.

In other news- Oh My Rockness put out a sweet little list of the free concerts going on at the Pritzker Pavillion in Millennium Park this summer and it looks awesome. Check it out here.

I'm so down for a little Iron & Wine on a picnic blanket in early June.   Nice to think that summer is close at hand.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to watch for tweets and tumbls from the concert tomorrow night.

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