Sunday Song of the Week: Radiohead "Separator"

Sunday Song of the Week: Radiohead "Separator"

Alright, so I'm sure you all expected per my post on Friday that I would be a little cuckoo for Radiohead's Friday release, "The King of Limbs" and you were right. I've been listening on repeat since I downloaded it.

My Sunday song of the day is my current fave from the album, the eighth and final track, "Separator." 

I think the reason why I like this song the best is because it's the most familiar.  The album is gorgeous and complex, percussive and textural, I'm still not entirely sure I have my head around it, but I know I'm intrigued.

The middle tracks "Little by Little" and "Feral" remind me of songs from the 2005 album "Toujours le meme film" by Austrian electronic band, Urbs. Sort of noir and like they belong in a spy film.

Then the bridge between what's to come and what has been: "Lotus Flower."  I can't shake the visual of Thom Yorke in the YouTube video looking like a Kubrick droog gyrating while singing: "There's an empty space inside my heart, where the wings take root, so now I'll set you free."

It is when I hear "Lotus Flower" that I feel I'm being welcomed back to the sonic world Radiohead has already formed for me. Back to the territory of Kid A and Amnesiac where the lyrics can be distinguished from the music and there the sense of warmth returns as it becomes a little more guitar driven and a little less electronic.

After "Lotus Flower" we glide back into the territory of my still favorite Radiohead album, "In Rainbows" and I feel that's where I find myself in love with "Separator." It's as if the proverbial rabbit hole spit me out and I'm safely in a place where narrative exists.  Like Thom sings, "It's like I'm falling out of bed from a long and weary dream. Just exactly as I remember..."

So that's my third day impression of "The King of Limbs" -would love to hear about what others think of it too. Don't be shy in the comments section.

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