A Vets Memorial Day Wish

A Vets Memorial Day Wish

I am a Veteran. I chose to serve my Country. I was not asked to do so. I enlisted of my own free will. I took an oath. It meant something to me. I took it to heart. I followed orders of those over me. I stood in defense of those serving with me who were my responsibility. We went were we were told and we never once considered leaving anyone behind. If we got a call for help we answered it.

What will I do on Memorial Day?

I will remember that we once had leaders that felt the same way. I will remember that when the leaders of this country spoke, it had a thunderous echo throughout the world. Everyone listened. I will remember that when an American fell, we responded with the resolve deserving of the sacrifice.

And I will pray. I will pray for those who have lost their lives making the ultimate sacrifice doing so without question or concern for themselves. I will pray that one day I can believe that America will be great again, that's it leaders will restore the faith in all of us in America and I pray that one day the Commander in Chief of this country will be someone who doesn't let an American Ambassador, Solider, Sailor, Airmen or Marine die alone again or on a secret waiting list in a VA hospital. They all deserve so much better.

So if this vet can ask one thing this Memorial Day, its this. Please take a moment out of your celebration this weekend to remember how your freedoms were won and how they are maintained. Remember that when you fly the Stars and Stripes this weekend, somewhere in the world a casket is being covered with one. Remember that all you have been able to accomplish in the pursuit of your life is because of what they were willing to give up.

I hope you will find it in your heart to share this wish.

God bless the United States of America and those defending it this very moment.

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    A sincere thank you for your service and may all of us remember what Memorial Day truly stands for.

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    Rick Scalzo

    I have had so many tell me what my opinion as a vet should be that I decided it was time to take it back for myself. Most people I meet never served a day in their lives and yet they feel they know just how I need to think. I'm hoping this blog will open people's eyes to a completely different perspective, from a soldiers point of view.

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