A Vets Memorial Day Wish

A Vets Memorial Day Wish
I am a Veteran. I chose to serve my Country. I was not asked to do so. I enlisted of my own free will. I took an oath. It meant something to me. I took it to heart. I followed orders of those over me. I stood in defense of those serving with me who... Read more »

Buy American Damn it!

Have you ever had your understanding of someone changed in a single event? I am not talking about a boss stabbing you in the back or a friend hitting on your wife. I am talking about your perceptions of a family member that you believe with all the fiber of your being that you understood... Read more »

Father's Day from behind the Mask

First let me preface this blog by wishing every Dad the best Fathers Day ever. For those of you that have your Dad with you, go out of your way to spend the day asking every question you ever had no matter how stupid or hard it it may be. – Rick  It’s a summer... Read more »

Memorial Day Observations

Having been raised to respect veterans before becoming one myself, I always had a clear understanding of what Memorial Day was about, but nothing really prepared me for the realization that would come much later in life. As I listened to the conversations at the office and on the train about everyone’s long weekend, I... Read more »

Defending the Right Not to Vote

So many times I have seen posts on Facebook about how it is insulting to a vet if you choose not to vote and how un-American it is. For a very long time, I have avoided answering the questions I am asked so many times over and over again about how do I put up... Read more »