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Looting after Hurricane Irma is just rubbing salt into an already deep wound

Looting arrived, along with the catastrophic flooding, after the unforgiving hit of Hurricane Harvey. Right on schedule, with Hurricane Irma’s dire 130 MPH winds knocking out Florida, looters were out in surges that didn’t involve a single drop of water. After every natural disaster the unthinkable occurs. In the midst of first responders, the National Guard, Salvation Army, Red Cross, FEMA and just your ordinary neighbors helping one another sift through... Read more »

Every neighborhood or town needs a welcoming place to gather. In Cary, J. C.'s Café is where you will find me.

You know, just like in “Cheers,” where everyone knows your name and you feel so comfortable you make yourself right at home. I’ve been known to move furniture, clear dishes, make myself useful and consider the owner, Juan Carlos, the younger brother I never had. Patronizing small businesses is the only way to keep them in business. Our retail... Read more »

A Letter to my Husband on our 40th Wedding Anniversary

August 20, 2017 Dear Michael, Today we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. Our cake topper was a plastic bride and groom that looked nothing like us. I chose the dated idea of a bride and groom, instead of fresh flowers, because I am a sentimental soul that has kept this dingy, yellowing remembrance in a cabinet all these... Read more »

My 8th Grade Dance still makes me cringe, 49 years later

At St. Joseph’s Elementary School, tradition was to hold an end-of-the-year dance to celebrate our passage onto high school. For weeks, dance teacher Mrs. Lynch, with Mrs. Glader at the piano, attempted to teach the class of 120 students ballroom dancing. There were giggles, clumsy feet and no “smell of Teen Spirit” in that stuffy gym with... Read more »

George Bailey and I would have "A Wonderful Life" spending time together in Bedford Falls.

It’s Blogapalooz-Hour, that adrenaline-filled writing assignment that comes on the last Wednesday of each month. At precisely 9:00 pm, our ChicagoNow Community Manager sends a topic to all bloggers that don’t mind missing a few innings of the Cubs vs. Sox game. We have one hour to conceive, edit and publish our response. Tonight’s topic is: What fictional character would... Read more »

Six Summery Things to do Before September

It’s almost August. Summer is fleeting and soon we will be watching football games, making beef stew and pulling on sweaters. It’s time to cram some summer pleasures into the final stretch of these dog days of sweltering heat and mosquitoes. So here is a list of six summery things to do before fall sweeps into the back screen door with a... Read more »

A quiet display of friendship in the parking lot at Jewel

While pushing a cart full of groceries back to my car after shopping, I passed two women in the parking lot. Middle-aged, they were heading quite slowly into the store. One was struggling to walk and tightly grasped the left arm of her friend for support. Not wearing a “boot” or a cast, I assumed she was recovering from surgery. You know... Read more »

Yes, Lonna. Of course you can wear your bathing suit out in public.

Women really need to get over our shame in wearing a bathing suit. Why do we beat ourselves up by feeling self-conscious when all we want to do is take a cool dip in the pool? It’s summer. It’s hot outside. We don’t get too many chances to do a cannonball off a pier into a lake,... Read more »

You know things are heating up when the highlight of your summer is making scrambled eggs

You miss simple pleasures like that when you don’t have a kitchen. We were limited to a coffee pot, toaster and the barbeque grill. I suppose I could have cooked scrambled eggs on the grill, but locating the boxes where the skillets and spatulas were packed would take hours. Days maybe. That’s way too much work, let’s just go to Around... Read more »

Steve is the maestro conducting the orchestra performing our kitchen renovation

And it’s quite the lovely symphony. Listen along. Steve Gaulke, owner of Taurus Construction, is the humble guy, second from left, that doesn’t want his picture taken. So like any demanding woman of a certain age would do, I made him pose with his team. Steve magically appears out of nowhere each morning in his black pickup truck,... Read more »