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Can't take your vacation to Italy this summer? Do the next best thing and sip a Negroni

Even if you wanted to, the European Union won’t let you travel to Italy right now. Not a problem. Stay home. Sip a Negroni and pretend you are on the Amalfi Coast without the teeming crowds. The thought of getting on an airplane right now sends me into a panic. I can barely wear a... Read more »

The Art Institute's lions are Chicago's biggest boosters

When Gov. J.B. Pritzker issued the order to wear a face mask in public if you can’t social distance, the lions knew they must comply. Good citizens since their unveiling in 1894, they wanted to show our city that fierce lions will proudly protect the vulnerable during a global pandemic. If a lion can wear... Read more »

Time to Ramp Up Those Coping Skills as We Shelter-in-Place

Boy am I stupid, and I don’t even watch Fox News. Never saw this coming. You probably didn’t either. But now we are in this for the long haul so it’s time to get serious and crank up how we cope with this new way of living. This may go on for a long, long... Read more »

A Letter to the Brides that Planned Spring and Summer Weddings

Dear Brides-to-Be, I know it seems frivolous to think about a wedding during a global pandemic. People are dying, losing their jobs and everyone is fearful of the unknown. Unless it’s your wedding. Then it takes over your entire mindset. All day. Every day. Even during the best of circumstances, you would be absorbed with... Read more »

A letter to myself on a Milestone Birthday

August 14, 2019 Hey you, You made it to sixty-five. Congratulations. Many people don’t. Or they make it, but have health issues. Mobility restrictions. Take too many pills. Suffer loneliness. Become bitter. Not you. You enjoy great health. While aches do appear, you can still take the long walks that you love and get up off the floor. You... Read more »

The Father's Day letter that traveled from a sock drawer, to an underwear drawer and finally, a sweater drawer

Back in my twenties,  I heeded the advice of “Dear Abby.” She implored her readers not to give Dad another tie or shirt for Father’s Day. His closet is already overflowing with those. Instead, she advised, write him a letter and tell him what he means to you. So I did just that. When I called him on Father’s Day, he sounded... Read more »

I lost my beloved mother twelve years ago. Thankfully, I still have Mrs. McGarey

Mrs. McGarey appeared at our front door with a platter of ham and cheese sandwiches and a pitcher of cold lemonade forty-five years ago. It was moving day. Chaos. Furniture scattered and boxes piled high in every room. My dad had taken a job in northern Virginia and we left my childhood home on the South Side of Chicago to set... Read more »

A letter to the firefighters that saved Notre Dame Cathedral

Dear Paris Firefighters, We all breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced that the main structure of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral had been preserved. We all gasped in horror, safely from a distance, as all four hundred of you went into that raging inferno and fought for over twelve hours. It reminded me of the World... Read more »

What have I accomplished so far this year? Not much, just killing a lot of stink bugs.

Yes, it’s true. The brown marmorated stink bug is no snow bird. You will find them wintering in my home. All 567,083 million of them. We’ve survived the polar vortex, a mundane Super Bowl, ice storms and kept entertained watching two seasons of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” Each episode must be viewed multiple times because I am too distracted gaping over the props, wardrobe and... Read more »

It's Cold Outside, So Baby, Pour Me That Drink

Have we really come to this? Radio stations are banning the song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” because some think the lyrics promote date rape drugs. It’s enough to make me sing, “Maybe just a cigarette more.” And sure, I’ll have that drink. I am all in over the #MeToo movement. Women around the world have been... Read more »