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UPS left an unexpected package at the door that has me overwhelmed

I came home to a large package at the front door. It’s not Christmas or my birthday. No Amazon Prime binge in a while. What is this? Intrigued, I glanced at the return address. Mary Ellen in Washington, D.C. For me! I knew I was in for something spectacular because everything Mary Ellen does is just that. We’ve been friends... Read more »

Pull up a CHAIR, let's sit for a spell and chat, shall we?

              You may collect vinyl records, baseball cards, old books or black shoes. Lionel trains, binoculars, figurines (oh please, not those), salt and pepper shakers or bird houses. Or nothing at all. I collect chairs. Chairs, you ask? Who collects chairs? They are a functional piece of furniture to sit on and nothing... Read more »

P.O.S.H. Where you shop for nothing you need and everything you want.

              Needs keep man alive. Wants make life worth the effort. The most interesting shop in Chicago is P.O.S.H. on State Street. You won’t find things you need, like socks, a toaster or toothbrush, but you will find things you really want, like vintage silverplate serving pieces from the Grand Hotel in London, vintage... Read more »