Let them eat Rainbow Cake from the Goddess and the Baker


Merci, Marie Antoinette. Don't mind if I do. Happy to oblige. The more sprinkles the better.

Dolly came out on the Metra train recently to visit her doting parents. She pulled a surprise out of her bag and declared, "Mom, we're eating cake tonight!"

Yum. One slice could feed a family of six.

The Goddess and the Baker, at 225 N. LaSalle Street, is famous for their scrumptious desserts, but their Rainbow Cake causes my teeth to ache and eyes to tear up.

It's truly a work of art and, I suppose, labor intensive to bake. Standing about eight inches in height, the six layers are smothered in buttercream frosting fit for a Queen.

It would be the centerpiece of any Pride Celebration. Artists mastering the Color Wheel would marvel at the bright colors similar to their vivid acrylic paints. A dream cake for any kid's birthday or just because it's Tuesday and doesn't every day need a reason to overindulge?

You can eat your Blueberry Buckles,  Apple Crumbles, pumpkin pies and salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. Little Debbie Cakes, Twinkies, Vanilla Wafers or a box of Fannie May Pixies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Go right ahead and enjoy every sweet morsel. I'd never judge.

But cake will always be my sweet surrender to a sugar craving and the more layers, the better, because that means more cake. And frosting.

I'll always take that first piece with the largest coverage of that creamy comfort. When people eat the cake and leave the frosting on their plate, I feel downright sad.

Sprinkles? Can't get enough of those crunchy little flavor bombs.


Does every layer taste differently?

No. The purple isn't grape and the red isn't cherry. In fact, they all taste, well, just like a yellow cake. Who cares? It's the moment you drag your fork across the colorful layers and slip a bite onto your tongue that makes eating Rainbow Cake a party all to itself.

Don't they say we all eat with our eyes first anyway?

We split half the slice after dinner and like all good Americans, ate the leftovers for breakfast the next day long before 7:00 am.


Rainbow Cake. You make me happy.

Sometimes you just need to feast on something too pretty to eat.

But go ahead. You can always get another.


Thank you, Dolly. You may bring dessert anytime.


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