Looting after Hurricane Irma is just rubbing salt into an already deep wound


Looting arrived, along with the catastrophic flooding, after the unforgiving hit of Hurricane Harvey.

Right on schedule, with Hurricane Irma's dire 130 MPH winds knocking out Florida, looters were out in surges that didn't involve a single drop of water.

After every natural disaster the unthinkable occurs.

In the midst of first responders, the National Guard, Salvation Army, Red Cross, FEMA and just your ordinary neighbors helping one another sift through the destruction of what was once a home, the unsavory side of mankind rears its grotesque face.

Looting stores for a bounty of goods and knocking them down at their most vulnerable. What a cheap shot.

If the wind and flying debris didn't break a window, or the plywood shutters didn't get nailed up in time, it's fair game to smash the glass and take in a haul before the overworked police can end this crime spree.

Disasters bring out the best in people.

And the worst in people.

Let's talk about the heroes out there.

People are busting their balls to help anyone in need while others are plotting to cash in on a quick swarming of stealing anything left unattended during this horrific crisis.

I watched in horror (I'm sure you did, too) as the floods in Houston wreaked havoc on the fourth largest city in the United States. But then the Cajun Navy arrived from Louisiana and volunteered their boats, no matter how small, to rescue strangers, pets and remind us of the inherent good in people. Acts of heroism were everywhere.

Terrified residents were rescued from rooftops in harnesses dropped by helicopters.

Private boats, canoes and rafts, manned by exhausted volunteers, worked all day and night to bring stranded strangers to safety.

Animal shelters turned over planeloads of cats and dogs to volunteers as far away as Seattle to make room for locally displaced pets until they can be reunited with their owners.

Resolve. Compassion. Fortitude. Shining stars during apocalyptic misery.

Donating money, bottled water, a warm meal, clean socks.

Gospel music in an overcrowded shelter to offer hope.

Kristen Bell calling a Bingo game.

A television reporter helping to rescue a beached dolphin.

Whatever it takes.

Let's get this fallen tree out of the middle of the road. Stay with us, we have room. I'll rip out that moldy, soaked carpeting for you.

Heroism in a sea of hell.

The true American spirit of pitching in and offering a hand.

That's what I want to concentrate on.

Not cowards stealing shoes.

Shame on you.



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