You know things are heating up when the highlight of your summer is making scrambled eggs


You miss simple pleasures like that when you don't have a kitchen.

We were limited to a coffee pot, toaster and the barbeque grill.

I suppose I could have cooked scrambled eggs on the grill, but locating the boxes where the skillets and spatulas were packed would take hours. Days maybe.

That's way too much work, let's just go to Around the Clock for breakfast.

So I was downright elated making scrambled eggs for breakfast Sunday morning on the new stove.

Our kitchen renovation took exactly six weeks plus one day.

Don't shake your head in disbelief and doubt. It's true.

Steve Gaulke, the owner of Taurus Construction, saw this project through with a highly skilled crew that performed with the precision of a Jake Arrieta no-hitter. Every single day.

Plus they were the nicest gentlemen to have around and I'm feeling quite lost without them here. Our cat waits at the front step for their trucks to arrive each morning and wonders why they don't.

And the final reveal?


Better than we had imagined it to be. Is this our home? Do we really live here?

All the dust, disruption and lugging groceries and beer to the makeshift kitchen in the basement was worth it.

Just like everyone said it would be.

I compare it to pregnancy and childbirth. Once the baby arrives you forget about the work it took to get there.

Kitchen before.

Kitchen before.

Kitchen after.

Kitchen after.

I'm actually afraid to spoil the pristine newness of everything. Perhaps I should take a hammer and pound a few whacks into the cabinets to get over my overly protective anxiety of keeping things new for as long as possible. Spill red wine on the countertops. Drop a jar of molasses on the floor. Shove a fork down the garbage disposal.

Yes, that will break her in so we can feel relaxed and at home again.

No more cabinet doors from 1960 falling off the hinges, stained and damaged laminate countertops or cumbersome soffits limiting the daylight.

I've decided to become a minimalist.

Eliminate clutter, baskets of paperwork and piles scattered everywhere. That's all been stuffed into my office now and I don't know where anything is. Hopefully I paid the property tax bill. Did I take my Boniva this month? Mail Stephanie's birthday card?

But damn if the kitchen doesn't look fantastic.

We anticipate crowds of family and friends gathering for boisterous meals, charades and dance parties. Pea soup simmering on the stove and fresh peaches ripening on the countertops. The smell of coffee brewing at 7:05 am and crushed ice chilling a glass of tea.

In every apartment or home we've ever lived in, it just wasn't "ours" until I roasted a chicken. Once a cool September day comes along, that fragrant, familiar aroma will make this room an honest family member.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home and where everyone always gathers and gets in the way of the cook. And I wouldn't have it any other way. But now we have one that looks beautiful and we're proud of. It was worth waiting twenty-one years.

Thank you Steve and your crew of talented artists. Brian, Joe, Jeff, Ryan and Jersey. Matt from Prolite Electric, Lars and Sven from the Granite Factory, John from Everlast Flooring, L&R Plumbing and Wes from Blue Ribbon Millwork.

Joe, Jersey and Brian.

Joe, Jersey and Brian.

Each one of you left a piece of yourselves within these walls.

For that we are eternally grateful.

You contributions in making this transformation will never be taken for granted.

Stop by anytime.

The door is always open.


Now let's pop open that bottle of champagne and get cooking.

Anyone for scrambled eggs?


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