There's no turning back now. Our kitchen is in a million pieces.

That's what's left of our kitchen.

That's what's left of our kitchen.

It takes a long time to construct a kitchen and only a few hours to tear her apart.

Within four days of our kitchen renovation, the following has transpired:


Demolition hauled away.

Appliances donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Initial electrical work completed.

Gas line installed.

Drywall delivered.

Two new windows installed.

Floors checked for repairs and refinishing.

I know this sounds like a fairytale or some ridiculous episode of the "Property Brothers," (by the way, I am so sick of Drew and Jonathan).

But it's true. Come by and see for yourself if you don't believe me.

We have all heard kitchen remodeling nightmares. Workers that never show up. Waiting weeks for the electrician to do his work first so we can begin installing drywall. Delays. Delays. Delays.

The plumber's dog had a tooth pulled. The carpenter's truck broke down.

A gaze of raccoons has been living in the wall behind your dishwasher. Call animal control, stat.

Did you know your entire home is swarming with asbestos?

Standing water has ruined your subflooring and all must be removed.

Delays, frustrations and extra months of washing dishes in the bathtub.

Swearing escalates and tempers flare.

Not in our case.

We hit a Kyle Schwarber grand slam with our contractor, Steve Gaulke, the owner of Taurus Construction.





Steve's a local guy. I know his lovely wife, Julie, and taught their three exceptional children when I worked as a substitute teacher at Maplewood Elementary School.

Their reputation is solid gold. It seems like every other home within a twenty mile radius has used him for a home improvement project. We signed the contract without any hesitation and we trust them completely to do a superior job.

After only a few days, I realized just how extraordinary Steve and his crew really are. When I see their trucks in our driveway, I get downright giddy.

We are blown away by their talent, professionalism, attention to detail, scheduling prowess and showing up on time.

Let's repeat that shall we?

Showing up on time.

I'll just take showing up, period.

When they are done for the day, they clean up and put their tools away. Seriously. Perhaps this is a fairytale after all, or I've been sleeping too long and this whole kitchen renovation thing was only a wishful dream. Or maybe mixing the antibiotic for my eye infection with Allegra and wine wasn't such a good idea and I'm hallucinating. Wake up, Very Terry. Snap out of it.

No, it's definitely real.


Ryan and Brian.

Ryan and Brian.


Normally I tire easily of workers being in our home. You lose your privacy and are sharing space with strangers for days on end. No more shuffling around in your pajamas watching "The Today Show" all morning like a lazy slob.

Get up. Get dressed. Get going. Put a bra on for God's sake.

But I don't mind sharing our home with these gentlemen and have a great respect for their abilities to install windows, trim cabinets, read design plans and tile the backsplash. Plus, they have a great sense of humor and are just, well, really kind people. Steve mentioned that Brian is every client's most adored crew member and he became mine within eleven seconds of meeting him. He adds a gentle, calming presence to this room full of destruction and reconstruction. Even our cat Tino is unfazed. She hasn't taken a bite out of her tail since they swung that first hammer.

The empty room in all of her glory.

The empty room in all of her glory.




Here is the blank canvas waiting for these artists to paint their magic into a masterpiece.

Taurus Construction will whip her into shape with modern conveniences, clean lines and a much needed facelift.

I know the prize awaiting us down the road will be worth the dust, mess and preparing meals on top of the washing machine in the basement, two feet from the litter box.

Not naïve, I know glitches are a possibility and could pop up without warning.

But we are off to a fantastic start, no raccoons were hiding and I could kick myself we didn't do this ten years sooner.

Thank you Steve and your crew of talented tradesmen.

Let's have a box of donuts with our coffee next time.

On me, of course.


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