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It's June's Blogapalooz Hour, Night Owl Version, for ChicagoNow bloggers. On the last Wednesday of every month, our fearless leader gives any willing participant a topic to write about. At precisely 9:00 PM, we are emailed a prompt to write our response, edit and publish in exactly one hour.

I find this writing exercise quite a delicious challenge.

It gets your blood pressure pumping to extremes and even if it's freezing outside, you break out into a sweet, summer sweat.

Thank God I'm on Lisinopril.

Here we go.

Tonight's topic is:

Since rules are made to be broken, write about rules you routinely break or want to break.


I follow the big rules, like Don't Kill People. Stop at Red Lights. Vote. Pay your taxes. Get car insurance. Have a mammogram each year. Don't park in a handicapped parking space.

Bathe. Brush your teeth. Floss. Wear deodorant. Tip the waiter or waitress well. Drive in the correct lane.

Small rules, I break daily.

Pausing at a stop sign when there is no traffic. Eating candy for breakfast. Speeding.

Having more than one glass of wine per day when the recommended amount is one for women or you will have serious health problems.

I think I'll take that risk since I quit smoking thirty years ago.

Having a vice is a good thing.

I've broken all of the "rules" of the Catholic Church since I am no longer a practicing member. No meat on Fridays. Abortion is a sin. Gay marriage is unheard of. Birth control is not allowed.

Yep, all of those are not part of my belief system. Gone.

If you obey all the rules,

you miss all of the fun.

Katharine Hepburn

Some rules are meant to just keep mankind polite and that's a good thing. If we all ran around doing whatever we wanted our society would be total chaos. Some days I think it is.

Thank goodness they have Quiet Cars on the Metra trains so I don't have to go insane listening to people screaming nonsense on their cell phones that the entire car can hear. For an hour. Don't even think of breaking that rule.

A rule I see broken daily is people driving while texting or talking on their phones. That's one I wish was adhered to. Please follow it.

I like the rule that women wait in line for the restrooms during intermission at the theater. If we all just barreled in like a herd of bison, it would be life-threatening.

My favorite rule is the Golden Rule.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If we all followed that, we'd be in pretty good shape overall. But, sadly we don't.

Rules are created by our government,  the Constitution, our parents, communities, condo associations, college admission boards, common sense and especially ourselves.

How do we choose to live our lives?

What is fair? What can we get away with? When can we look the other way?

I believe the rules we place on ourselves are the ones we need to concentrate on. That's just who we are, what we are all about. It's our truth.

Sometimes I check-out in the express lane when I have 11 items instead of 10. Don't be mad, two avocados won't take that long to ring up, I promise.

Yeah, I take off my shoes and put my liquids in a clear bag for the TSA. If I didn't I would be held up for a long body search and I don't want to miss my flight.

The Big Rules are there for a reason.

The Small Rules are ripe for breaking.

We need to have rules to have order and a peaceful existence.  Safety. Survival.

But go out on a limb once in a while and break a lame rule, feel like a high school student and get away with something that won't hurt anyone.

Like sneaking into a pool at midnight or having donuts for dinner.


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