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It's Blogapalooz-Hour for ChicagoNow bloggers tonight. On the last Wednesday of every month, our fearless leader sends us a topic at exactly 9:00 pm. Should we accept the challenge, we have one hour to conceive, write, edit and post our response.

Since the Blackhawks lost in the first round series against the Blues in the playoffs, there's nothing else to do tonight. With no game to watch, I might as well, once again, get my body to go into cardiac arrest and my blood pressure to spiral out of control, I'm ready for anything.

This should be easier than double overtime. One can only hope.

Tonight's topic is:

Write about a time you followed the road less traveled and

it made all the difference.

From the poem by Robert Frost

This is something I am working on because I actually do take the more well traveled road, the safe road. Often I have held back in life, sometimes in fear or just to stay the course. Don't rock the boat. Don't change a thing. Keep it steady. Keep it simple.

Not a good sign. But I am trying.

Taking chances, plunging in fearlessly are not part of my DNA. I am risk challenged. I would never consider sky diving, cliff jumping, hang gliding, jumping trains like a hobo or scuba diving.

Not a competitive bone in my body, I won't even keep score when playing sports. If someone asks me what I got on the 14th hole in a golf game, I just make up some number, usually around 10, to keep the peace.

So that must mean I'm a Type G personality.

While always open to new experiences, it often takes a good swift kick to get me to move forward. Putting our belongings in storage and heading off to live in Italy for a year sounds like a great proposition. But would I actually do it? Hell, no. And why not? What have you got to lose?

My sanity.

Taught to follow the rules as a shy child in rigid Catholic schools made me believe doing things against the norm was somehow a bad thing. Really Sr. Leonice? And how did that work out for you and the rest of the Good Sisters in the Convent at St. Joseph's?

Now I know bending the rules is often the best thing of all. Like I said, I am really working on this.

Let's raise some hell and be a bad ass, shall we? Why not, it's about time.

Age brings so much wisdom. Things you wish you could tell your younger self now that you have the knowledge of how you want the story of your life to end.

So I am getting way out of my comfort zone, one small step at a time. Heck, I'm blogging now for God's sake.

There is a two hundred year old oak tree in a median down the street from our home. When I go for my walk, I fork to the right around the tree for the less direct route, and for the last few years, have said silently to myself, "I'm taking the road less traveled."

For the rest of you, that must seem ridiculous and lame, but I am truly conscious now of cranking things up a few notches in the direction my life is heading. Becoming a bit more brave, standing tall, taking chances, saying "No," when I want to, saying "Yes," when I decide it's right.

I have no regrets on taking the more well traveled road, after all it had the traffic jams of great friends, my dear family and good health and hotels, restaurants an interesting attractions along the way. The many stop signs made me appreciate all I have to be thankful for. The detour signs, great vacations and observations. Tolls had to be paid, no road is paved with gold.

But to jump off that main highway, for some broader insight and different point of view, is a challenge I am eager to make.

Watch me.






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