Six Summery Things to do Before September

It’s almost August. Summer is fleeting and soon we will be watching football games, making beef stew and pulling on sweaters. It’s time to cram some summer pleasures into the final stretch of these dog days of sweltering heat and mosquitoes. So here is a list of six summery things to do before fall sweeps into the back screen door with a... Read more »

A quiet display of friendship in the parking lot at Jewel

While pushing a cart full of groceries back to my car after shopping, I passed two women in the parking lot. Middle-aged, they were heading quite slowly into the store. One was struggling to walk and tightly grasped the left arm of her friend for support. Not wearing a “boot” or a cast, I assumed she was recovering from surgery. You know... Read more »

Yes, Lonna. Of course you can wear your bathing suit out in public.

Women really need to get over our shame in wearing a bathing suit. Why do we beat ourselves up by feeling self-conscious when all we want to do is take a cool dip in the pool? It’s summer. It’s hot outside. We don’t get too many chances to do a cannonball off a pier into a lake,... Read more »

You know things are heating up when the highlight of your summer is making scrambled eggs

You miss simple pleasures like that when you don’t have a kitchen. We were limited to a coffee pot, toaster and the barbeque grill. I suppose I could have cooked scrambled eggs on the grill, but locating the boxes where the skillets and spatulas were packed would take hours. Days maybe. That’s way too much work, let’s just go to Around... Read more »

Steve is the maestro conducting the orchestra performing our kitchen renovation

And it’s quite the lovely symphony. Listen along. Steve Gaulke, owner of Taurus Construction, is the humble guy, second from left, that doesn’t want his picture taken. So like any demanding woman of a certain age would do, I made him pose with his team. Steve magically appears out of nowhere each morning in his black pickup truck,... Read more »

Fiddle-dee-dee Miss Scarlett, I believe Pippa Middleton's waist is even smaller than yours

    Scarlett O’Hara had a seventeen-inch waist. Get your tape measure out of your junk drawer and see how small that really is. I just did. When I read the book, Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, back in eighth grade, I was fascinated that a girl could actually have a waist that... Read more »

God Rays shining down on your favorite watering hole are the sign of a life well lived.

    My brother-in-law, Jim, passed away on May 13th from complications of throat and esophageal cancer. He was only 53. Jim had a loud, infectious laugh that even made him laugh. It rumbled like thunder during a sticky, August, afternoon storm. You could hear his unmistakable voice bark across Lake Michigan to the shores of northwest Indiana and echo back again. A... Read more »

If I could have just one more day with my mother, this is how I'd want to spend it

I began to read the book, For One More Day by Mitch Albom, on the last day I would see my mother alive. The day I finished this book, was the day I found out she had peacefully died in her home. It was all quite surreal. My beloved mom, Boo, had given her four daughters a copy of this book... Read more »

There's no turning back now. Our kitchen is in a million pieces.

It takes a long time to construct a kitchen and only a few hours to tear her apart. Within four days of our kitchen renovation, the following has transpired: Demolition. Demolition hauled away. Appliances donated to Habitat for Humanity. Initial electrical work completed. Gas line installed. Drywall delivered. Two new windows installed. Floors checked for repairs and... Read more »

A bittersweet farewell to our kitchen, circa 1960

  We finally took the plunge and made the decision to renovate our tired, dated kitchen. We’ve tackled bathrooms, flooring and a multitude of home improvements, but the kitchen was off limits. I fought this for years, not wanting the task of packing up everything from nutmeg to champagne glasses. Plus the dust, mess, noise and daily disruptions... Read more »