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Nourished Festival or as it was know as GFAF expo

For the past few years I have been a blogger at the GFAF expo in Schaumburg.  This year, once again I will be a blogger for the festival but with a new name and extra lifestyles. Nourished Festival is still gluten free allergy free and now with specialty diets such as Paleo and Keto and... Read more »

Could Vit. D Cure Gluten Intolerance

I have been gluten-free for about 5 years now. I have been gluten-ed and know the feeling. About 4 weeks ago my doctor found that I was very low on Vitamin D and put me on 7000 iu. A week ago I was not able to resist a donut facing me and tempting me and... Read more »

The Dream: Schaumburg Gluten-Free Allergen Free Expo is BACK

I had a dream last night. I was in the arena and all around me was food that was intoxicating. I had my hands in everything from pizza to chocolates to muffins to cheese to bread. Then I woke up and I was still dreaming but I wasn’t I was at the Annual Schaumburg Gluten-Free... Read more »

My Mothers Cuban Black Beans and Rice Recipe

A few days ago my son Josh suggested I compile all the grandmothers, aunts and family friend recipes that I have been collecting for years and put them together into a book.   This thought coming from Josh, who never would cook at home but once he moves into the city, gets a girlfriend and the... Read more »

Cubano Flan Cake Gluten-Free and almost Vegan

Cubano Flan Cake Gluten-Free and almost Vegan
Is it not enough to have the creaminess of Cuban Flan, not to mention the calories, but to add a cake and worst of all it’s not vegan to the mixture and flaunt it to the vegan gluten-free society?  What has happened to leaving well enough alone?  Eureka, the Garden of Eden sweetness has descended... Read more »

3 Steps Vegetable Risotto Gluten-Free and Vegan

A few months ago I went to the Gluten Free Allergan Free Expo in Schaumburg, IL.  The amount of real size “samples” I received is overwhelming and my pantry is still full.  I have packages, boxes and odd shape items that I have tried and some are worth mentioning and others go in the gross... Read more »

In-Door Veggie Garden the Vegan Gluten-Free Way

In-Door Veggie Garden the Vegan Gluten-Free Way
How many times have you planted a vegetable garden only to find it has been devoured by the neighborhood rabbits?  Other than installing barbed wire around the priceless plants or bringing in coyotes, there is not much you can do.   But is there? Indoor gardening.   I am growing tomatoes, pole beans and green peppers.  I... Read more »

It's BACK GFAF Expo in Schaumburg May 14th-15th

The time of year where a convention that only has food for us, where we can eat without asking the question: “Is it gluten-free?” has arrived. I can barely wait. This will be my third year and the anticipation is as strong if not stronger than when I went for the very first time. The... Read more »

Farmer's Market, Trying Gluten-Free Vendor's and Broccoflower

Every year I think to myself that this is the year I am going to visit the local farmers market. Every season comes to a close and I did not make my way to try the tempting fresh veggies and commercially prepared home-baked goodies. However today, I did stop by the Deerfield Farmer’s Market today... Read more »

FODMAP Diet and Mojo Chipotle and a Pasta Recipe

I like spicy food but not the kind that you feel the after effect for hours and your throat aches.  Mild spicy food is probably what spicy food eaters call the wimps.  I’ll take it. Yesterday I received a package from Goya Foods and one of the products is Mojo Chipotle.  Bottle literature recommends adding... Read more »