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Farmer's Market, Trying Gluten-Free Vendor's and Broccoflower

Every year I think to myself that this is the year I am going to visit the local farmers market. Every season comes to a close and I did not make my way to try the tempting fresh veggies and commercially prepared home-baked goodies. However today, I did stop by the Deerfield Farmer’s Market today... Read more »

FODMAP Diet and Mojo Chipotle and a Pasta Recipe

I like spicy food but not the kind that you feel the after effect for hours and your throat aches.  Mild spicy food is probably what spicy food eaters call the wimps.  I’ll take it. Yesterday I received a package from Goya Foods and one of the products is Mojo Chipotle.  Bottle literature recommends adding... Read more »

Goya Coconut Water with a Guava Twist

I just love when I come home and there is a large package waiting by the front door and I don’t even remember ordering anything.   Goya the food company sent me a few items to try out and I was not disappointed.  In fact the products they sent were excellent and very low in calories. ... Read more »

What Will PopPop and Memaw Say To You in the Afterlife

Have you ever wondered about the afterlife and re-connecting with your dead relatives?  Of course they wouldn’t be “dead” just afterlifing much like what I suppose happens once we die.  Or do we just rot in the ground, get digested by maggots and have been fooled by the cleregy into behaving well in order to enter... Read more »

Flan and Death Is That My Tombstone

I have always wondered what people would say about me once I am dead.  Would they say I was the greatest mother, best friend, loving daughter or the blogger off the year?  Nope they would say I make the best Flan.  Was my life worth living? I get up every-morning, make breakfast for my son... Read more »

Make Tomorrow Today and Forget The Dream

Whenever I hear the word “tomorrow” I think of the song in “Orphan Annie” and then the music takes over and I forget about tomorrow.  Why is it so hard to think ahead and make plans?  Why can’t tomorrow take shape like yesterday has? Tomorrow I want to be living in a beach house in... Read more »

(GFAF) Gluten-Free Allergen-Free Expo Opened Today In Schaumburg

I’m stuffed and happy and not once did I have to check the ingredients.  Not once did I have to ask is this gluten-free but “is this vegan?”.  Where was I?  At the best expo in my world the GFAF (Gluten-Free Allergen-Free Expo) this weekend at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center. The doors open at... Read more »

The Gluten-Free Expo in Schaumburg, Illinois is Back!!!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to a food show and eat everything that looked appealing?  Coming to the Chicagoland Area  (Schaumburg) on May 2 and 3rd is the Chicago Expo and samples galore.  From pasta to breads to pizza and even beer, it is all gluten-free and it’s yours... Read more »

Nobel Prize Winning Gluten-Free Vegan Passover Sugar Cookies

If the Nobel Prize would be given for Sugar Cookies, then watch out because I am going to be on the cover of Time Magazine, right next to Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) and Prince Charles.  This cookie is moist and chewy and good for you.  It has Chia seeds and that is healthy!!... Read more »

Gluten Free Coffee Cup Brown Cake

In the past I have found that if I take a Diary Digest pill before I eat any type of gluten (pizza, bread or pasta) and I don’t eat a large quantity of said gluten, I can survive.  I’m not bloated or in a mood to expel gas.  I actually feel okay.  Is it the... Read more »