Nourished Festival or as it was know as GFAF expo

For the past few years I have been a blogger at the GFAF expo in Schaumburg.  This year, once again I will be a blogger for the festival but with a new name and extra lifestyles. Nourished Festival is still gluten free allergy free and now with specialty diets such as Paleo and Keto and off course the best:  Plant based/vegan.

This festival is the same company just under a new name and hopefully there will be more samples and more giveaways.  Last year I came home with 10 huge bags of food that seriously lasted me 6 months.  I must add that I took my husband and 5 of those bags where his and since he is a full-blown “he will eat anything that does not it him first” all the food was mine.

Food-wise samples:  pizza, doughnuts, cookies, candy, cookies, cake and off course there was Chinese food, and pasta.  But I always start with the best: pizza and OOOOH I forgot, gluten free beer that was better than the ungluten beer.  The ice-cream was so-so, c’mon people something has to taste like fake gelato!!!

I have included the dates in the posters attached and I have 5 tickets to give away.  Comment on why you wish to win and send requests to your friends, relatives and those on your hit list to join my mailing list or my Facebook page: Vegan Gluten-Free Easy and Economical  and I will randomly choose five people.  Good luck and Buena suerta and of course I will see you at the pizza and beer booth.  Look for my name tag and introduce yourself.  If I look glassy eyed, we understand, right?



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