The Dream: Schaumburg Gluten-Free Allergen Free Expo is BACK

I had a dream last night. I was in the arena and all around me was food that was intoxicating. I had my hands in everything from pizza to chocolates to muffins to cheese to bread. Then I woke up and I was still dreaming but I wasn’t I was at the Annual Schaumburg Gluten-Free Allergen-Free Expo. It was back!!!

The time of year where a convention that only has food for us, where we can eat without asking the question: “Is it gluten-free?” has arrived. I can barely wait. This will be my Fourth year and the anticipation is as strong if not stronger than when I went for the very first time. I know that I can eat and eat and eat and not get sick.

The samples are generous and the food is beyond delicious. There are booths dedicated to beer, to chocolates, to sweets and to my very favorite: pizza!!! The giveaways, the samples and the people are our people. I am counting down the days and then it will be all over and I will have to wait another year until my smile returns.

Last year I had at least 10 bags filled with food that I was given for free or that I purchased when I left the convention. I had months of looking in my pantry and finding goodies. I found all kinds of new flavors and products that to this day I find at grocery stores. Yes people we are now a shelf in the fridge section, and we are counter space in the grocery stores and bakery dedicated just to us. We have arrived. There is food for the gluten-free challenged.

As the industry grows so does the convention and once again the anticipation is overwhelming. I cannot wait until April 22-23rd to arrive.

Best part (well almost, food is still my desire) are coupons for 30% off the ticket price Earlybird until 3/21 then it goes to 20% Advance through 4/21. I suggest you buy early and also arrive early to the expo. Lots of parking but if you park further away, lugging 10 bags gets pretty heavy.  Link is below.

and a few sites you might want to visit for more info:

Any questions?:  Feel free to ask.

Will I share my food?  NO!!!  Get your tickets and collect your 10 plus bags.  Also they have cooking demonstrations and tons of classes to go too.





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