Nobel Prize Winning Gluten-Free Vegan Passover Sugar Cookies

If the Nobel Prize would be given for Sugar Cookies, then watch out because I am going to be on the cover of Time Magazine, right next to Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) and Prince Charles.  This cookie is moist and chewy and good for you.  It has Chia seeds and that is healthy!!


2015-03-24 10.34.31           Nobel Prize Winning Gluten-Free Vegan Passover Sugar Cookies


½ cup gluten-free flour (I am partial to Costco’s brand.  It’s inexpensive and downright good and I don’t get a dime from them for this free AD.)

½ cup coconut flour (not flakes)

¼ cup cornstarch (If you need to remove corn from your diet or plan to use for Passover use potato starch)

¼ tsp. salt

½ cup brown organic sugar

¼ cup grapeseed oil (or vegetable oil)

3 tbsps. coconut milk

1 tbsp. chia seeds

1 tsp. vanilla extract.

Combine all the wet ingredients in a bowl and let it rest for 5 minutes.  Add the dry ingredients to the wet and mix.  If the dough does not come together add a bit more coconut milk until you get a formable dough.  In a well-oiled cookie sheet, roll out eight balls and bake at 375F for 10 minutes.  Once you remove the cookies from the oven, take a fork and flatten them.  I find if you flatten gluten-free cookies after you bake them, they are moist and remain moist much longer.    I ate them right away.  They may have cooled for a minute but are so good that the weight I had lost found its way back to me.  If you remove the cornstarch and add potato starch you may use these cookies for Passover.

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