Gluten-Free Label Law In Full Effect

Decisions made in this country are made at the speed of a snail and years after the European Union has instituted the change(s).  Finally the FDA has a law in effect on labeling gluten-free products.   Sarcastically can it be possible that food manufactures were, let’s say, clumsy in product labeling?

Many blogs ago I came to the conclusion that in order not to have painful symptoms after eating a product labeled gluten-free I was going on a one ingredient diet.   If I ate only whole foods and nothing that came prepackaged I would not have issues afterwards.  In retrospect I now realize gluten-free packaging was not entirely gluten-free.  But on the other hand I have lost 6 lbs. in a week!

Labeling products gluten-free can be a bit deceiving.  For example the other day I was buying hair color and noticed that it was organic (all chemicals are organic) and gluten-free. I read the ingredients in the product I was purchasing and in another comparable product; same ingredients but the other product was not labeled gluten-free.  Basically hair color is made of color tint, lotion or oils and ammonia.  Where oh where can gluten come from???

Peevishly speaking I detest going into a restaurant and asking for a gluten-free menu to be told by the wait staff that the whole menu is gluten-free if you remove the bread.  Really?  What if a gluten-free person asked for chicken parmesan?  Would the restaurant bread the chicken in gluten-free flour?  The only restaurant that I have come across so far, that has a gluten-free menu and a vegan gluten-free menu is Claim Company in Northbrook and the food is delicious.  (Disclaimer:  Not being paid or given a free meal, they have no clue I exist!)

What if apples are labeled gluten-free, are we going a little too far or is the manufacturer or orchard trying to get in on the gluten-free “fad” and try to make more money?  Why is it that in Europe this nonsense in not permitted and manufactures in this country are able to “get away with it”?

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