I No Longer Wish To Engage in Gluten-Free Eating

I have a very limited diet and one is by choice (vegan) and the other is because I have no choice (gluten-free).  Having such a limited diet makes it difficult to go out to eat or to enjoy a meal in someone else’s home; unless I can get a salad or some amazing roasted vegetables.  I either have to bring my own food, stay home and dine in or drink my sulfate-free organic wine all by my lonesome self if I can’t be accommodated. 

With all the problems I have deciding what to eat I have gone ahead and limited more of my eating habits.  I have decided not to eat anything that is described as gluten-free: baked goods, yogurts, ice creams (vegan style) or breads.  Why, you ask, have I gone insane?  Yes and no.  When I was a strict vegan and did not eat anything that did not encompass 1 ingredient, I was thin and felt better.

Adding gluten-free items to my repertoire I have gained weight and at times still feel bloated, crabby and I will leave you guessing what else!!  Back to nature, back to one ingredient foods and back to getting skinny and feeling better but most importantly my clothes will look great on me once again.

Most of you are now wondering what this blog will be about.  Worry no longer because I am going to impart my holistic medical knowledge and my cooking secrets to a healthy life on all my blogee’s.  Once in a while if I come across some interesting gluten-free recipe I will review it, or revise it and will have Rachel (my son’s girlfriend who is gluten-free) taste it for you.  Again, my wishy washy self may go back to gluten-free eating again and my whinny self will return.  Stay tuned!!
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