Ahhhh The Mood Stablizing Potato Chip

Ahhhh; potato chips, possibly the best food fried.  Salty and crunchy and not too high in fat or calories plus its best benefit; potato chips are mood stabilizers.

Back in my early days my main meal consisted of Tab (before Diet Coke) and either a bag of chips or french fries.   My day consisted of lying at the pool all oiled up (yes in those days it was safe) and munching on a (more like 5) bag(s) of chips.  My metabolism was amazing and I never gained a pound but then again I walked 5 miles a day.

Potato chips do not discriminate against allergens, vegans, gluten-free, vegetarians but they should choke the hell out of carcass eaters.  As I am writing this deep intellectual piece on potato chips; I happen to be munching on them.  I am at ease and my mood is fantastic until I realize I have no makeup on.

More chips are scarfed down with ice tea (I gave up on diet colas years’ ago.) as I contemplate the day.  I need to get to Home Depot, grocery shop and return a few items that should fit, but the manufacturer sewed the wrong size label on them.  Yes, I’m going with that reasoning.

The dishwasher needs to be cleaned out, the floors need vacuuming and yet I sit here munching on potato chips, a warm fuzzy feeling is going through me and I contemplate why the manufactures decided one day to bake the potato chip or to give it a goofy flavoring(s).  A potato chip is a fried food and the equivalent of Twinkies and Oreos.  Would you eat a Twinkie flavored with Ranch Dressing???

 A few more chips, a calcium chew (caramel flavored), gulp of ice tea and a reality check and I’m off to put on makeup and face the world;  One potato chip at a time.

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