What to Eat for Breakfast if you are Gluten-Free and Vegan

I got up this morning and couldn’t decide what I wanted for breakfast.  I’m bored of everything I eat or can eat.  What does someone that is vegan and worse gluten-free eat?  At that moment (okay, I made ice tea first and checked my emails, but right after that…) I decided to begin a series of  "Vegan Gluten-Free and What To Eat Series".

Today is breakfast foods.  Pancakes and Waffles were my favorite.  But they contain eggs and flour and both are no-no’s in the vgf world.  This problem was an easy fix.  I brought gluten-free pancake and waffle mix courtesy of Costco.  You may hear me speak of Costco and Trader Joe’s a lot and it is because the products are economical and quite tasty, and I don’t get compensated by them. 

The recipes on the products do call for eggs and I just substituted chia eggs (1 tbsp. chia seed to 3 tbsps. of water per egg mix and leave alone for 10 minutes).  If a recipe calls for milk, I use hemp milk or coconut milk; there are others out there in the grocery stores but the two I mentioned are my favorites.  Soy milk contains estrogen and it’s not a good idea for children or non-menopausal women or those with a thyroid condition.  Almond milk just tastes yucky to me.

My standby is frozen waffles that I buy at Trader Joe’s and only because it is the least expensive place.   I toast the waffles and add peanut butter (protein) and sesame seeds (rich in calcium) and make a breakfast sandwich.

Oatmeal (reduces cholesterol) and quinoa (great source of iron and fiber and high in protein) cereal is a great alternative but you have to have time in the morning.  At times (when I remember) I will place oatmeal and hemp milk in a deep bowl and refrigerate overnight.  In the morning a 2 minute nuke and you’ve got oatmeal.  Add cinnamon powder (gets the blood flowing and cleans the arteries) and fresh or frozen blueberries (antioxidant) and you’ve got a tasty breakfast.  I make quinoa in the rice cooker and it always turns out great, but I need 20 minutes in the morning for this little project.  Nuking quinoa doesn’t work.  It takes forever and the quinoa stays gritty.

Udi’s makes the most delicious bagels, toasted with vegan cream cheese or spread with vegan butter and it’s a treat.  Next in the series is snacks.

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