The Story Of My Life With Lenny

The story of my life begins and ends with Lenny (My youngest son and had he been born first 2 more would never have followed!) and his life of commotion and ado that suckers me in.  From the moment he returns from college to the moment he leaves for summer camp as a counselor he wreaks havoc in the home and in my life.  But I still love him (said without any chemical interference)!

When did I become Lenny’s full-time maid/nurse and stop being his mother?  It has been years since Lenny stopped referring to me as Mom and began calling me Nagger.   He calls me Nagger in front of his friends, on Facebook, in text messages and has told his grandparents that his future children will refer to me as Nagger.

When Lenny is asked to do a chore in the home that he lives rent-free, where his food and warmth are supplied and college is paid for, he will respond with a “I’ll do it today”.    But he won’t.  I will ask him in the course of the day, when the chore (emptying the dishwasher, putting his plate in the sink or cleaning his room) will be done.  “Stop nagging me” will be my answer.

Lenny left for camp yesterday in the most chaotic way possible.  As usual he did last minute packing and asking me to do laundry that he could have given me days ago.  His emergencies and chaotic lifestyle shouldn’t be mine, but I get sucked into it.  In the next few days I will get text on what he forgot, but as usual will say I didn’t pack it.  I will have to scramble for a box and find what he has left behind that could probably be bought in the Walmart near him, but that would mean he would have to take the initiative to go and procure what he needs.

What does this have to do with being vegan and gluten-free, not an iota.  My back hurts from the lifting and scurrying brought on by Lenny and his lifestyle.  This Nagger will now retire to the sofa with a heating pad and a good book.  As soon as mobility returns to me, baking will commence and recipes will follow.  Stay tuned.

Got my first text from Lenny, I forgot to pack his bathrobe.   Haha the jokes on him because this Nagger isn’t moving from the couch, bon-bons anyone?

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