Seeds (Chia,Sunflower,Pepita,Sesame etc.) What Are They Good For

Sometimes it is much easier to have a jar chock full of all kinds of seeds than going from container to container to pull out what you need.  I found a large glass jar at the Container Store and then went to my new favorite grocery store Fresh Thyme the equivalent of Whole Foods but ½ the cost.  Now that is what I term economical!

I bought:

Chia seeds (actually I had them in my fridge already) have more calcium in one tablespoon than a glass of milk, add to the antioxidants and they are an almost perfect food.

Sunflower seeds have the ability to lower the “bad cholesterol LDL” and raise the “good cholesterol HDL”.  High in Trypothan, which converts to Serotonin.  Glutamates which reduce stress and these seeds are a good source of Vit. E, B-complex and rich in Manganese.

 Pepita (or pumpkin) seeds have all the properties of Sunflower seeds.

Sesame seeds are high in calcium and have similar properties of pepital and sunflower seeds.

Fennel seeds are rich in dietary fiber and they have anti-flatulent properties (might add them to your beans).  These are a good source of iron which promotes red blood cell production.

Poppy seeds have the same properties as the seeds above but these tiny seeds soothe nervous irritability much like pain relievers.  They are also less allergenic than most seeds.  By the way don’t munch on these seeds before a drug test!!

Rye seeds (yes they are gluten-free) promotes and aids in weight loss with their high fiber content.  Prevents gallstones and lower type 2 diabetes, but best of all they are high in benefits for the post-menopausal women (does not mean you can go out and eat a loaf of rye bread, speaking of seeds here ladies!).

and without going crazy and measuring to include the equivalent or weight of the seeds, I just came up with the most civilized way I could conceive; and dumped them in the jar.  When a recipe now calls for seeds, I shake up my jar and take out the amount I need.  For example, if I need a cup of sesame seeds and ½ a cup of fennel seeds plus 2 Tbsps. of pepitas (sounds like the beginning of one scary recipe) I just dip into my jar and take out 1 ½ cups of everything plus 2Tbsps of the same.   Easy peezy.

I am working on a recipe that will incorporate all the seeds into one delicious cracker.  Stay tuned….
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