Cleaning House and Purging All To A Garage Sale

I woke up this morning and mentioned that I was going to clean the house and purge us of everything we aren’t wearing or using.  Lenny (my son and tormentor) voiced that he is glad he is leaving for camp and won’t have to be nagged to death all summer long.  Lenny will never know how happy I am that he is going to overnight camp for 8 weeks (as a counselor) and I won’t have to nag him.

First item to go is all the exercise equipment as I have enough closet space to hang my clothes.  At least I will once I remove all articles of clothing that no longer fit, and I have resolved myself into believing I will never be that size again, and the items are no longer in style.  Not that I am stylish, I buy my clothes from last season because it’s the only stuff on the 80% off clearance section.  Paying full price is not in my dna.

Next on the agenda is the kitchen, all my canning equipment is going to the garage sale.  I got bored of that after one week.  Plus the amount of work it takes to can, I am now willing to buy groceries without bitching about the cost.   I am in awe of all the pots and pans and serving dishes I have accumulated throughout the years.  Most of the junk is wedding gifts.  Who uses silver plate anymore?  My garage sale is expanding. Oh the money I will make. 

I have 3 bathrooms in my home and I just uncovered a zillion step stools all with the names of my kids etched or carved into the base.  Gone.  There are gobs of bath toys with mold, gross.  I now have empty cabinets in the bathrooms and I am so delirious with happiness.

Garage.  Yeah, I’ll get to that.

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