Veggetti The Only Way to Make Healthy Pasta

I have a new toy and it is called a Veggetti.  Pretty much of a dumb name for what it does and I can only imagine what kind of people were on the focus groups that were paid to agree with this name.  Veggetti turns vegetables into pasta strands.  In the past I have blogged about another item that does the same, cost more and it is harder to clean than the Veggetti ( which by the way is dishwasher safe and only $14.99 less 20% coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond.  It's priced at $29.99 at La Sur.

I brought a zucchini both green and yellow and preceded to veggetti it.  I guess using Veggetti as a verb could be catchy and maybe those focus groups have a point.  The Veggetti has many uses:  making hash browns in seconds or even latke’s (Passover recipe to come, stay tuned and subscribe if you haven't so that you won't miss it.) cucumber salad with fresh tomatoes and roasted corn, and all kinds of stir-fry to name a few.

After veggetting the zucchini, I nuked them in water for about 2 minutes and then I topped it with a peanut sauce {Quick peanut sauce: 2 cups chunky peanut butter (you may use creamy), 1/2 coconut milk or more as needed, splash of lemon or lime juice, 3tbsp gluten-free vegan soy sauce (traditional soy sauce tends to have fish as an ingredient) and depending on spiciness you like try adding garlic and sriracha.  Mix the above together to the creaminess/consistency you like.  Add to your pasta salads and be ready for compliments.}

I served this dish last night to my family and received mega compliments and let me tell you that is something coming from this gluten filled pasta loving carcass eating group.  It was so tasty that when I went to get a picture for this blog, the pasta was gone and I had made enough to feed an army of hundreds.  I lied, my IPhone camera is not working (Where are the geniuses when you need them?) therefore I don't have a picture, so just trust me on it!!
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