New Year's Eve Tofu Pizza Vegan and Gluten-Free

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and what does a vegan gluten-free food challenged person eat? Tofu Pizza!  What else? Were you thinking tofu lobster?  Vegan cheese faux crab cakes?  Silly you, pizza is the only way to enjoy New Year’s Eve and off course lots of alcohol.

If you want to be really creative and you are serving tofu pizza as an appetizer or you plan to contribute this delicacy as your dish then get out the cookie cutters.  There are so many too choose from: lobster, doggy bones, flowers, Garfield and oh so many more.  Yes, I have begun the alcohol part of the festivities.  I’m in a funk on how boring being gluten-free is.  It’s not by choice.

I miss gluten aka wheat flour, white flour and white anything.  I love crusty breads smothered in vegan butter and I love pizza.  I miss Gino’s East and I so miss Costco’s pizza made at the Kiosk.   Lenny says I have lost my taste buds.  He feels that Costco Pizza and Gino’s East should never be in the same sentence much less the same blog.  He really didn’t say all that, but I rephrased it so those that have delicate virgin ears would not be offended.    I also drink red wine with ice.  I need bread!!!

Back to tofu pizza.  Buy very firm tofu and slice it very thin.  The thinner the slice the crunchier.   Take a cookie sheet and butter it with olive oil.  Spread the sliced tofu on top of the olive oil and and brush the tofu with more olive oil.  Layer the tofu with pizza sauce (Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods make a tasty sauce.) and then add vegan cheese to cover.  Bake in a 350F oven for 20 minutes or until you smell the cheese burn.  Yum.

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