Bat Crazy Mothers on Chicago's North Shore

The world is full of bitchy women that reside on Chicago’s North Shore.  They wake up with the sole purpose of making someone’s life hell.  They don’t have anything else to do but become troublesome, nasty and petty women.  Why do people allow these bitches to intimidate them.

Lenny, my youngest son is home with Mono and full of mischief.  He decided one day to wish happy birthday to a boy whose birthday is 6 months away and recruited others to do the same .  Why would Lenny do such a thing?  Because this un-birthday boy has a crazy mother that is well documented.  When she snooped in her son’s Facebook page and saw all the pleasant warm wishes she went bat crazy.  She insulted her nephew by text because he participated in warm birthday wishes.  She screamed and yell at mothers whose children participated in warm birthday wishes to her child.  This is the same woman who berates teachers and waitresses.  She is the same woman who complains when her coffee is served hot but not hot enough to burn her throat.

This morning another bat crazy mother called the high school library to scream and yell at the librarian because her precious angel was disturbed in his studies by a racket next to him.  The librarian informed bat crazy mother that the student could have moved to another location in the 5000 square foot library.  The student happened to be seated in a social area of the library.  Bat crazy mother had her buttons pushed by brat boy.

Today I have learned, which I knew before, but it is now ingrained in my mind that when mothers have nothing to do all day, they can at the snap of a finger go bat crazy.  It just happens more often on Chicago’s North Shore.

Today’s blog is not about being vegan and gluten-free though bat crazy mothers might consider this diet change in order to improve their constitution.  Maybe removing gluten from their diet will unconstipate them and improve their outlook on life.

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