How to Stop the Government Shutdown in the Future

Here are a few suggestions on how to not ever have another government shutdown.

  1.  Delete the democrats and the republicans.  Only one party: The American Party.
      1. The party is not allowed to raise money of any sort.
      2. Candidates must submit to interviews, debates and must write articles on all issues.
      3. Only candidates that have given to animal organizations will be allowed to run.  (Shows that they are good people.)  Giving must have originated 10 years before candidacy allowed.
      4. Once elected, the winner will have to use (Obama crap care) if that is still an issue. Hopefully, that will go away.
      5. The Winner will comport themselves as I would.  Just kidding.  The winner will vote in Congress, Senate, or as President in a manner that will allow the American People a good life.  No socialism as the moron in office now wants.
      6. Anything voted for the American People will also include our elected officials. (EX: Obama crap care that elected officials do not use.)
      7. No pensions.  Live on social security like the rest of us.
      8. No free meals, rides, jets, jewelry or anything that I don’t get; elected officials may not have.
      9. Love the NRA.  These nuts will be the only ones toting gun when the bad people attack us.  The NRA will save us!!
      10. Independent audits by independent CPA’s
      11. Everyone’s job is to be reviewed.  We don’t need 3 government workers to change the light bulb. (One to requisition, one to appoint a bulb changer, a bulb changer, REALLY!!!!)
      12. No one gets an expense account.  I don’t have one.
      13. All terms for elected officials are one time only.  No one gets a second chance.
      14. Voting must be done on site, no more of the mail-in nonsense.  Too expensive.
      15. To vote you must pay taxes of over $1000.00.  No exceptions.
      16. Must be Vegan to run.
      17. Give me time and I’ll come up with more.  In the meantime challenge the government.  Don’t vote just because the candidate is in your party.  Vote for the best person.

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