Raising Clueless Kids on Chicago's North Shore

Hey people on the North Shore, you are raising idiots.  The bubble is about to burst open.   I taught a class today at a very prestigious high school and the subject was immigration.  Your geniuses all believe that the government has unlimited funds and can dole out money to illegal aliens to go to college, to get medical care (I blame the idiot in the white house office for that) and to help all poor people out financially.  I asked them (your geniuses) if they ever heard of taxes.  Oh a round of giggles ensued and they all thought that taxes were what you (the parents) were pissed about in April. HeeHee

I was not shocked.  These kids are in la la land.  They arrive at school with pockets full of money, laptops in their backpacks (Apple), or an iPad.  They all own iPhones or the equivalent and spend all day texting, which I assume is more writing then they ever do.    They text breakups and gossip, they text about how stupid you (the parent) are, and they text that I, the teacher, have no idea (hee hee) that they are texting.   If I take away there phone, mommy will call the dean and bitch.  If I give them a bad grade, mommy emails me and if she is not satisfied with my answer she emails the dean and goes up the administrative ladder until she finds someone to sympathize with her.  Are you doing your clueless kid a favor?  When clueless goes to college will you be going with him/her and solving all his/her's problems?  NO. Unless off course, you are that wealthy that you can hover above clueless in your helicopter while clueless attends college.

Here is my advice if you wish to listen:  Don't give clueless money, let him/her earn it.  Chores, remember when you did them?  If the teacher disciplines your child, there is a reason.  Teachers are not the enemy.  You are.  You ruin the schools.  You come in and bully the teachers and the administration cause clueless does not have to follow the rules, cause he is your piece of shit.  That is why there are jails.  Not for the "bad poverty stricken illegal's or poor people" there is the white collar jails. Maybe you should call ahead and make sure there is a special room for clueless.

How does a child get to high school after attending private camps, fabulous vacations and not know a darn thing about taxes?  Don't blame the teachers, we are spending all the time making sure clueless is happy and getting all his/her anxiety meds in.  We teach them everything, cause you don't.  Why did you have kids?  Hey stupid parents, my kids are turning out well, because they know responsibility and they have respect for their elders/teachers.  My kids will be defending your brats so that they don't go to the white collar prison.  The judge isn't going to care if you say "he/she is such a good boy/girl.  Have a nice day.

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