Dr. Oz Is Wrong! His Weight Loss Methods DO NOT WORK

I just don't believe Dr. Oz.  His latest gimmick for losing weight is to try TWO bites of whatever fatty fat fat is calling you and then wash said delicacy down with a glass of water. The "science" behind this craziness is that the water and Two bites will trick your mind into believing you have just devoured the whole candy bar, chocolate cake, ice cream cone or whatever you have craved.  Does not work.  Yes, I tried it and I am here to confirm that it does not work.  If eating an entire cake does not work, certainly two bites will not make a dent.  My brain is laughing its cells off.

In my quest for thinness I have brought every vitamin, brewed every tea and exercised each and every way that the good Dr. has suggested.  Does not work.  Had I not bought all the products and exercise tapes I was duped into I would have tons of money that I could give a plastic surgeon to liposuction my fat out.  But I trusted the good Dr.  He does have a kind face and I  must admit he seems so trustworthy.

What worked?  Well I went vegan and then my body decided I am allergic to gluten so I went gluten-free.  And I lost weight.  Lots of it.  Didn't cost me a cent.  Ate all I wanted and I lost weight.  I also brought my blood pressure down to way below normal and my HDL of my cholesterol is way over  the heart healthy point.  Didn't cost me a dime and I ate all I wanted.  Unfortunately there are some very nice people in this world that work on making tasty vegan and gluten-free treats that will make you fat, weather you eat two bites or the whole enchalada.  Don't buy them.  Try my recipes, as they are much tastier and don't come laden with chemicals and more fats that you don't want.  Plus you will also lose weight baking.  Hey if you believe that last line, then by all means eat two bites!!

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