Losing Weight the VGF Way

It has been a difficult journey in the weight department. First my thyroid decided to take a break from functioning and I gained weight. My doctor discovered the problem during a physical and put me on a medication called Synthroid. What a nightmare. What an awful medicine. I gained weight and started losing my hair. Talk about a panic attack.  Ten years later and 50lbs more I was sitting on the couch (probably why I wasn't losing) and saw Suzanne Somers  on the Oprah show.   Suzanne (we are on a first name basis...someone tell her) had the same problem and switched to a bio-identical medication called Armor Thyroid.   I immediately called my internist who pooh poohed it.  I took it upon myself to research doctors in the area that do deal in bio-identical medication and solutions and called that  internist who raved about Armor Thyroid.  Switching meds and doctors was my life saver and I soon began to lose the weight with practically no effort.

So why am I writing today's blog since I seem to have it all under control?  No so my friends.  I have lost the weight and I look okay but would like to be another 15lbs thinner.  People assume that when you are vegan and gluten-free it's a no brainer.  It used to be.  But now thanks to the popularity of gluten-free products and the consumer need for them, and companies and cookbooks springing up all over the place... it's killing me.  There are cookies and waffles and restaurants serving amazing pastas and now that darn Dunkin Donut's with their gluten-free donuts, I just don't have a prayer.

If anyone is interested, I am going on a straight no carbs (except fruits and veggies) new eating program.  I could say diet but that's so intimidating.  So let's go with, new eating program.  Anyone want to join me?  We can take walks or face time walks and chat about everything.  We can do menus together.  Anyone out there interested??

I did say I would write about how diet affects ADHD etc. today, but maybe tomorrow.  Don't judge me, I'm busy with my new eating program.  Off to eat watermelon.

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