GF Challenged, The New Label

Dining with my hubby last night at our local restaurant, our waitress informed me that gluten-free breads were "gross and stale" right after I asked for a gluten-free menu.  Inquiring minds always want to know why people are so anti against the gluten-free (gf) challenged, I asked her when or why did she try the gf bread.  "Oh" she commented, "last night there was a Bar-Mitzvah at the restaurant and the mitzvah's father is gf so the Challah was gf and it was awful."  Not wanting spit in my food, I highly agreed with her that a tiny taste of a gf product was all she needed to give an "icky" label to all gf breads.  My food came "unspitted. "

Are we the gf challenged being discriminated against?  Should we form a group and protest the "real" bakeries and the "real food establishments" until gf foods are part of the menu without being singled out in a separate binder?  Because we are gf shouldn't the world change for us?  It changes for the peanut allergies and it changes for the obese were I can no longer order a 94oz. coke at my local gas stations filling hole because it has been banned.  Because I am gf challenged shouldn't I be allowed handicap parking?  Oh yeah, front row parking, no walking and then I can get into another group:  the obese.  After that I will be challenged in two ways and maybe I can get government assistance and never have to work and I can sit home and blog about it or watch reruns of "Keeping up with the Kardasians." I'm getting ahead of myself.

Maybe I should add a case of Alzheimer to the scenario cause I seriously can't remember why I started this blog.  So now, I am challenged in three directions, and I will sit and wait for Obama-care to give me everything for free because I have now become deserving, self-imposed I might add, and deserve it all.  Isn't that what this country is becoming:  everyone wants a label for something so trivial so that they can have their 15 minutes of fame and their peers can give them the sympathy they do not deserve.  What have we become?

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