Dunkin Donuts are Gluten Free!!!!

Just heard the great news that Dunkin Donuts is now providing a cinnamon donut and a blueberry muffin that are gluten-free. Donuts are back into our lives. Yeah!! However they won't be vegan,but it's a start.  At this rate the others are sure to follow from  Starbucks,to McDonald's,  a few bakeries, and oh yeah Dairy Queen.  Could that be possible, soft serve vegan and gluten-free?  Oh my!

On another subject, I was at the grocery store today not minding my own business as usual and ran into a newly gluten-free woman.  She was all at a flutter.   When I first saw her she was looking at all the prepared foods (frozen waffles and t.v. dinners) and then I ran into her again in the prepackaged foods (cookies, cereals, and assorted gf flours) where I felt she needed my advice.   Me to the rescue!  I mentioned that I was gluten-free and was there anything I could explain or help her with.  She said, that she was just diagnosed with an awful disease (never told me what) and that a friend mentioned to her to go gluten-free.  Hmmmm.

I asked her about her symptoms or was she just symptomatic?  "Uh" she replied.  I went on to explain the difference between Celiac disease and gluten allergy.  I mentioned some of the symptoms (check out past blogs for more detail info) and she had none.  I asked her why she chose to go gluten-free and she whispered (like it's a crime?) that she was told it was the "cure-all."  Hmmm.  There are a lot of crazy people out in the world and most of them practice medicine without a license, much like me.  But unlike the other "quacks"   I know what I speak off.  Yes I have credentials, I'm a Jewish mother and we are all doctors.  Truthfully, I have suffered much until I did go gluten-free.  Been there, and I speak of experience and much research.

I gave her my blog info (such a salesperson I am) and suggested a few websites she might visit.  I did not stop there...I suggested meals for her  and her family's introduction to gf and I also suggested that the family go vegan.  She agreed with me about going vegan since her family has many allergies and a case of ADHD.   After a tour of the grocery store and menus (I always care paper with me) she was on her way and feeling alot more confident and with less anxiety.

Hopefully vegan and gluten-free is the solution to the lady and her family and her awful disease is cured or gets under control.  Next few blogs will deal with how a vegan and gluten-free diet can/may solve alot of the issues that children face (ADHD, ADD, and Autism etc.) and especially if you remove dairy from a diet how anxiety and depression may be lifted.  Stay tuned.

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