Gluten-Free Donuts

Whole Foods has frozen gluten-free donuts.  They are too die for.   The donuts come in chocolate or vanilla frosting/icing and thinking if I bought vanilla instead of chocolate I would be able to control myself....WRONG!!!  Being a chocoholic I assumed I would be safe with the vanilla icing amazingly delicious cake textured donuts.   OMG!!!!  It's either I don't remember the taste of carcass (liquid chicken aka eggs) filled wheat blended junk attached real tasty donuts or this is so similar to my old life that I must have died and gone to heaven.  These donuts are dairy free but unfortunately they do have liquid chicken mixed in.  I pretend to not know the truth in order to satisfy my craving for a donut (or donuts as the case was!!!).

In my quest for more food (junk of course, there is plenty of nutritious stuff around) I ran into (literally) a cookie that is VGF and raw.  Yep, raw and delicious.   Go Raw Organic Lemon Super Cookies are alive (hey, that's what the packages says) and made of sprouted seeds, dates, lemon oil, coconuts and are nut free, and healthy for you.   An FYI, sprouted seeds are densely nutritious and when seeds are sprouted they release digestible enzymes.   To sum it up, you get a tasty cookie chock full of nutrients.  I found these cookies also at Whole Foods and they were on sale.  In that same row, on the same shelf they had all kinds of other vgf cookies (the chocolate ones are not that good) and assorted nuts, seeds and veggies also all raw and full of good nutrients.  Why am I only discussing the lemon cookies, cause they are the only ones I enjoyed.  I did try out the others and I gave them a yuk rating, I will never buy again.

If you are waiting to hear about the diet (last blog) I tried to go on, it never happened.  Well it did actually happen, I just wasn't too successful and it's your fault my dear reader.  In my quest to find you tasty products, I have over indulged and gained weight.  My advice to you is to try the new products but don't go overboard.  Everything in moderation.  OK it's a saying.  Good luck if you do try the new products.
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