Vegan Gluten-Free and It's Snowing Outside...

It's a strange title.  Snow days are fun, especially when everyone is home and there is no electricity.  Boiling water in a pot over the fireplace.  Making smores with the kids.  That is what makes great memories.  Forget the graham cracker, who needs it, a smore can be a smore with chocolate and vegan marshmallow.  It's delicious and just think of all the calories you save ignoring that graham cracker.  What about hot chocolate?  I use the Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa with water and I add vegan marshmallows.  It's beyond good.   I have also made the hot cocoa with coconut milk, it adds a nice creamy taste.

Kids return home from school and what can you serve them on such a cold day?  I like to make cheese quesadillas  .  I have found (at Whole Foods) Brown Rice Tortillas and with some vegan mozzarella, a little vegan butter and it's again, a morsel of divine taste.  Fresh off the skillet and you would never know its not a flour tortilla with no nutritional value, but a healthy low fat alternative and with gooey melted cheese, oh my.  Being vegan and gluten-free and it's snowing outside, it's not so bad.  Enjoy.

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